Other. The New Lavazza Website: read all about the full range of coffees, espresso coffee machines and accessories. After experiencing these, regular coffee despite the brand, is totally inferior. That said, Aldis Ethiopian coffee … Lavazza Prontissimo Espresso Premium Instant Coffee Tin 95g 95g. £4.10 25.6p each Lavazza Prontissimo Medio Pouch 80g Sainsbury's Sale Price: £3.75 Product Category: BU Ambient / Hot Beverages / Coffee / Coffee - Ins Product ID: 7725281. Same as the Azzera stuff but was £2.50ish in Tesco the other week. Lavazza Deciso Compostable Nespresso Compatible Capsules 10 per pack 10 per pack. Lavazza Prontissimo Classico premium instant coffee 6x95g made with 100% Arabica. ground coffee See more. Sainsbury filter bags, 10 for £2.50. Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso is a full-bodied extraordinary blend with dark cream, lingering flavour and decisive aroma. Other. DH enjoys the Lavazza too. Lavazza A Modo Mio Delizioso Capsules 16 per pack 16 per pack. 95g - B&M Stores. Prontissimo is initially available through a select number of Sainsbury’s and Waitrose stores from mid-November, RRP£4.79 for a 100g tin and RRP £3.89 for an 80g pack. It's on offer in Sainsburys at £2.50 at the moment. I used coffee bags over 20 years ago ... then I came across Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso (there is a Medio as well) and I was reasonably impressed. Lavazza Prontissimo! is a premium instant coffee with an authentic Italian taste. Assessment of wider UK roll-out will be made in 2015, along with possible expansion into other global markets. £4.70 (32) Add to trolley. Lego Star Wars General Grievous' Wheel Bike - … This amber cream and dark colour coffee have a full and intense taste with distinct notes of toasted coffee. Amazon however, have recently started selling them in bulk packs of 6, which I purchased the other week at the price of £17.10, working out at £2.85 tin. Made using 100% Columbian Arabica beans, it contains micro-granules that yield a full-bodied and rich cup of coffee to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Pour yourself a refreshing cup of hot coffee using these granules from Lavazza. £3 30p each (9) Add to trolley. From the manufacturer. Lavazza prontissimo instant coffee 95g - £2.35 @ Sainsbury's £2.35 Sainsbury's Deals Lavazza prontissimo instant coffee. Source: Lavazza Lavazza Prontissimo Medio Pouch 80g Prontissimo Medio - Only £2.50 - Core. Lavazza, the coffee Italians choose. A strong, dark and full-bodied roast, also suitable for hot milk. Lavazza Prontissimo is really nice, Azeera is also rather good, but the Intenso version is by far the best I have tasted lately - hot, bitter, without milk! If you love to cook but find yourself limited by what ingredients you can access then use us for Sainsbury'sFree From Italian Corn Spaghetti, Hale and Hearty Organic Brown and White Rice Penne and Pollen Organics Basil and Almond Pesto. This is a good instant coffee, definitely one of … It was superior to the Kenko and Nascafe versions. Intensity: 5 Delicate. Premium instant coffee, with 10% microground beans. Surprisingly rich and now with an even more tempting aroma Ingredients. They taste lovely. Whenever I'm time limited, I use Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso, which is priced between £4.50/70 per 95g tin in all major supermarkets. Currently got "Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso" and is pretty good.