I actually halved the recipe because I only had 5 large peaches. Great recipe. Bake the cobbler. The peaches are going to slide around until they’ve cooled a bit and thicken up, and you should wait 30 minutes for this to happen or waive any textural complaints. The number of days above 90 degrees finally peters off. For overly ripe peaches I have but four words: We have great peaches here in Colorado. Interesting. My peaches were a tad underripe, so I used the full amount of sugar; I recommend doing the same if your peaches aren’t very sweet. I like how you split it into two dishes for individual servings! I made it this morning and it’s delicious. (Also, I heartily recommend that cookbook as a whole. wow, that looks scrumptious. to die for, with ice cream..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. This is a hit and it was gone within the hour!!! I’ve never tried cornmeal on top of my cobbler, but sounds great for something new – especially with all the summer fruit around! did that with a bunch i picked last month that were very ripe and then left in the hot car a tiny bit too long. Perfect solution to “what should I make to take to dinner Saturday nite?”. Last note: I used the recommended 1.5c of sugar and think the batter could possibly be reduced down to 1c as well. in the oven as I type. Great combination!! But make sure you use the reduced amount of sugar. I think I ended up baking it for about 45 min total. http://bit.ly/9TAoVk. pan are you using? So I would definitely add more time. (Maybe the peaches released more liquid once I squeezed the lemon juice on them?) I made this for my dairy free daughter using coconut oil where milk is called for and using almond milk where milk is called for. As always, your recipes never let me down! Who does not love the combo of blueberries and peach. It wasn’t until college that I had cobbler with the crumbly oatmeal butter topping so many people seem to use. This ice cream recipe is from The Smitten Kitchen which is adapted from Claudia Fleming s The Last Course cookbook. This looks awesome, no, I don’t think they mind having thier end this way : P. Oh so delicious! I tried it this morning for breakfast and it was great. I will definitely be asked to make this over and over! I used 1/4 cup half and half and 1/8 water. But I really wanted to try it. I baked mine in individual ramekins and the worst part was when it ended! It was a dish I made with a two month old last year. Was super yummy and took the full 25 min. Do you have any ideas on how I might salvage this dish? Will be back to post when its done. This looks so incredibly good! I luv recipes that make use of what’s on hand – good job! You had me at “crisp lid.” xo. I love the idea of peaches with cornmeal based topping, but with brown sugar? The PERFECT peach dessert. I’m sure this is offensive but could I use canned peaches? To wit, prior to stumbling upon this curiosity in the wonderful A Boat, A Whale and a Walrus, an assembly of … You just solved my problem. I love that so many readers have never used a biscuit crust on a cobbler before! Thank you Deb! I love the idea of adding blueberries! Thanks again for another beautiful recipe! I make this with mixed berries most of the time. Interesting idea for the biscuit topping. I’m thinking lower the temp, cover with heavily fork-pricked foil, and bake for another 15 or so? I can taste the sweetness already, and I feel your pain with the peaches. New here? Peach season is so short and sweet. I made this recipe a couple of days ago. my top was crispy but then gummy underneath in a way that I did not enjoy…i think because i used less sugar & was not sure about the corresponding water ratio. It was like a blueberry cookie on top of the sweetest peaches… (pause to wipe the drool)… With the heat, I didn’t want to turn on my oven so my peaches were perfectly ripe when I used them (they were under-ripe/ perfect for baking when I bought them). It was still pretty good but the top was only crunchy at the edges. Overnight, it should be fine. The only thing I did different was more peaches (we have so many and I wanted to use them up) and 1 cup of blueberries, not just any blueberry though, Northern blueberries from Muskoka, Ontario, SOOOOOO GOOD! Made this with lime instead of lemon, it was delicious. It was great. Hope that helps. Will make it again. Remove from the oven and cool on a wire rack. This looks delicious! I halved the recipe but forgot the halve the milk. Sorry if I am repeating someone’s question. I meant to add that the flour thickener was very useful I did find it challenging as a new baker to do this since only some of the ingredient amounts are noted in a way that makes it easy to make a halved version (eg. I used the lesser amount of sugar, and the crispy crust, soft cake beneath, and slightly tart peach makes for a perfect bite. Amanda — Yes, halve it. Tried this yesterday, it turned out delicious! Peach Cupcakes with Peach Cream Cheese Frosting by Week of Menus 26. :). I wish I had used more peaches. For a 9×13 dish, which is about 3 quarts, I multiplied the filling by 1.5 and the topping by 2 and the volume was perfect. To wit, prior to stumbling upon this curiosity in the wonderful A Boat, A Whale and a Walrus, an assembly of … I seriously hope I can get my hands on both types of fruit for some dessert making this weekend. I don’t see what to do with heaven cream? The search results for galettes (one L) is here: https://smittenkitchen.com/?s=galette However, I agree that the new search is less intuitive. i searched the internet for a **crispy** peach cobbler, I saw your name and sighed a sign of relief, because everything here is THAT good. For those wondering if you should thaw frozen fruit first, the answer, from my experience, is a solid YES! I think that’s truly a testament to the power of the recipe – and bubbly fruit with biscuits on top. sol — They have different grinds (coarseness); polenta is usually thicker, but if you have a more finely ground polenta you should be able to swap it no problem. cauliflower with brown butter crumbs. I eat the entire pan over the course of the day…mixing ice cream on top. How can you go wrong with fresh peaches, after all? I’ve been using tapioca flour or starch a lot these days as a thickener, if you’re looking for a new one. I have made this twice in the past couple weeks, it was such a hit! Thanks for the inspiration! Made it tonight. Would I be correct if I assumed that nectarines would also work in this recipe? This was so wonderfully delicious! Is it to get some of the flour in the topping to dissolve into the peaches and help thicken the juice? Just putting this out there in case it helps someone else. Delicious. lovely blog! Friday is baked good friday’s which means every Friday i make something new for work. Are the peach skins required? There’s nothing like truly homemade cobbler! We managed to stretch it out to Sunday night, but it was still wonderful. Preheat oven to 425°F (218°C).Toss peaches with blueberries, sugar, flour, lemon juice, cinnamon and salt in the bottom of a 2-quart ovenproof dish. However, you forgot a link: the first-ever Four Years Ago link to your Thai Eggplant Salad, because today is Smitten Kitchen’s FOURTH BIRTHDAY!!! Agree with Deb – no need to use the full 2 cups of sugar (the 1.5 cups was good, but IMO even less would be OK since the peaches are so sweet). So far it smells AMAZING. I just picked up a big ol bag of peaches at the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, and was about to look for a cobbler type thing to do with them. Don’t modify it like that if you are considering it. I just made a note that I had made half, because my photographed dish will be smaller than you get. If you’ve got an ice cream maker (I have a Krupps, the kind where the whole canister goes in the freezer) it’s easy to make. Mini ramekins mean no accidental encounter before midday. =D. 1/4 cup fine stone-ground cornmeal (yellow or white) Just two days ago I was brainstorming what I could make for my parents’ anniversary coming up this weekend. I’d expect it to be soft and damp underneath because it touched the fruit, but the biscuits shouldn’t have a batter-y or wet center. Completely unrelated but I finally got around to making your spinach quiche the other night and it was definitely a keeper! I never would have thought to mix blueberries with peaches. I borrowed this book from the library in the spring time — which now seems like a lifetime ago. Mom said it started as “just a taste” and went downhill from there. the smaller the area, the thicker the topping will be, the more time you will need to bake it. Peaches and blueberries w/cinnamon or brown sugar, not so much. We were having friends over to dinner tonight, so I said, ” I will make a peach pie.” “No,” said dear husband, “peach pies are gluey.” So I looked online and found Deb’s Smitten Kitchen crispy peach cobbler and decided to make it. Delicious and relatively easy to make. Thank you for all your delicious recipes on your website and your cookbooks, we have them both :). This fruit combo cobbler looks fantastic! A tasty midnight snack! I think I might make it for a party next week! . that’s not too much blueberry, right?? Mel — Oh me too and we are all AT CAPACITY with babies right now. There has never been more perfect timing of a recipe! Dear Deb, while you seem to eat wayyy less meat than I, your recipes are always in my zone of absolute deliciousness and timeliness. ripe ones: for $2. I make a peach and blackberry cobbler for our annual summer bbq every year. I made it in a 9×13 glass casserole dish and it did take a good hour and half to cook though. If using frozen peaches, would you thaw them first? A bit weird but made my job much easier. May you enjoy many sweet and healthy years together, as well as some decent sleep! Might try it on some peaches my neighbor brought me from her farm. Love it Deb. Hi, this recipe sounds great. Just this morning, I was looking up recipes for peach cobbler and blueberry pie, as I’ll be out picking both fruits this weekend. I will try it out tomorrow, but the nectarines are looking so much better around here. When I make this again I think I would experiment using less sugar and perhaps putting a touch of vanilla in the batter. Or I bought the wrong kind of cornmeal? But yes, it is always agonizing for me to even throw away that tiny bit left on the pit. Thanks! The combo definitely screams summer. Without fail, every week I am lured in by the most fragrant peaches I’ve ever sniffed at the market, and without fail, the day after they … I made this last night. would definitely make again this summer when peaches are back! I’m going to head to the peach stand again to try the pecan sandy recipe! Hi Deb! I tried my hand at the recipe this weekend subbing in end of season cherries with juicy peaches (and a leftover nectarine and pluot to help clean out some leftover stone fruits.) I am totally a winter girl – love the chill and the hot drinks and dishes and fireplaces. PA peaches and berries growing here. I’m a huge fan but this recipe didn’t totally work for me! I’ll be making it properly when I can get some more peaches. Next post: scalloped tomatoes with croutons. With a cornmeal biscuit on top. I followed the recipe as written, but added a splash of peach schnapps to boost the flavor of my end of summer peaches, and a few drops of almond extract to the cornmeal biscuit topping. I added a little cinnamon to the peaches and a little vanilla to the batter, and did half and half white/brown sugar. OMG. I’ve made this before with fabulous results, and just tried using frozen fruit. Thanks for the response! I used two 1.5 quart baking dishes so it didn’t spill all over. Great recipe. My peaches are too juicy!” doesn’t exactly make a room nod in sympathy but the week I made the mistake of letting the peaches go a whole 48 hours uneaten the only thing left to with the misshapen lot was to bake them. Stir in buttermilk with a rubber spatula until a wet, tacky dough comes together. I made this tonight but was so tired that I didn’t follow the recipe right. As per usual, this fruit dessert is DELICIOUS. I am guessing the former but wanted to be sure. Yes, they don’t hold up too long either. A keeper!!! Next time, I’ll make this dish ahead of when I’d like to eat it. It reminds me of a dump cake. After baking at 425 for 25 minutes, the tops of the biscuits were golden brown, but underneath, the biscuits were still raw. for the topping to cook all the way through…, I made this with local blackberries and peaches and it was delicious as well. Here’s a technique I used playing around with plums yesterday: run your knife all around, as if to halve the fruit but stopping at the pit, as you would when you cut an avocado in half. Teresa — I might, just to control how much water they release so you can drain some off it needed. Can you freeze this in small portions after it is baked? Could you make this in something other than a 2 quart container? In which you feel pretty sous-vided yourself? Except the batter was on the bottom and then peaches, then sugar and water. 3 tablespoons cold unsalted butter, cut into pieces You are right about none being left on the 3rd day! Dec 17, 2020 - smittenkitchen.com recipe index. This recipe was excellent..even the cat licked my fingers.. Left the skins on, and used unsweetened whipped cream for a bit of contrast. Your email address will not be published. I have tried several and they are all delicious and enjoyed by my family. As usual, you have cut a lot of my old recipe cards in shreds with your awesome renditions of old favorites. This looks incredible. Can I cut the ingredients in half and make just one 9″ cobbler? I love the biscuit on top. From the looks of it, your recipe would yield enough for two 9″ pie plates worth? I’ll take this with two drizzles of cream. I used frozen blueberries because the fresh looked suspicious and were twice as expensive already, here in Georgia in September. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! 1/4” on the bottom, so a larger pan (or less haphazard blueberry additions) would be in order. We didn’t notice the skin at all in cobbler, it wasn’t too sweet, and we didn’t feel that any spices were missing – it was just deliciousness. Mostly, however, this was a bonafide hit, as should be no surprise, given that it’s late August and the peaches in New York this year are the best I’ve had north of South Carolina and this provides all of the deliciousness of a classic peach pie — sweet collapsed fruit, a flaked buttery lid — with about 1/10 of the work. We loved it so much that I’m about to go make another batch for dessert tonight. Not quite ripe peaches, perhaps? Deb- what are your thoughts on putting the fruit into the All Butter, Really Flaky Pie Dough? I cannot resist a recipe that promises an odd outcome. Again, still very delicious, but might need longer cooking times. That’ll teach me for being lazy…! Thanks Deb, and excited to use the “I Made It!” tab for the first time! And, here’s even more inspiration on my favorite site…how fortuitous! Not enough added sugar? I just bought a bunch of peaches and was hoping to make some kind of dessert with them. Jul 13, 2020 - I am ashamed to admit that I have been quietly bigoted against cobblers for as long as I can remember, the dessert that is, not those dudes that … It was nice but I found the crust to be extremely bland. Too many juicy peaches is in the same category. Like Deb, I baked it in two pans. I better check to see if I’m pregnant, as that seems like something only a “baby-on-the brain” would excuse! I will definitely use the recipe for the fruit part again and again, but next time I will use a crumble topping. I halved the recipe and it still made enough for at least 6! I don’t think I have ever had a peach cobble without blueberries unless they were replaced with rhubarb. The fruit and lemon combo was tasty though. Making this ahead of time — I probably wouldn’t let the batter sit unbaked on the cobbler because the baking powder will start working as soon as you mix it and might be “dead” by morning. I must know what happens! What to use in case of no electric mixer? …this recipe just reminded me of it for some reason.. My three-year-old and I made this yesterday with pick-your-own white peaches. Deb – is there any chance you know if this will work with buttermilk? I’m sorry, posting this is a criminal offense. Melted and stirred in? 4 1/2 pounds (about 10 large or 2 kg) peaches, unpeeled, cut into 1-inch chunks or slices (I cut mine each into 8 wedges) Made this last night in two small dishes that were too deep for an adequate “look” of peachy splendor…but the two dishes now sit empty in my sink. looks so yummy! I am addicted to your blog! I would reduce it further to maybe 1 cup total. Thanks for another good one! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For some reason when i was adding the buttermilk to the biscuits though, 1/2 c was too much, the dough wasn’t sticky, and it was a little runny. This is a recipe that is true to the south, and oh-so-wonderful. And you also make adorable little people! Maybe I’m just too southern to appreciate anything but a plain ‘ol cobbler. I live for cardigan weather. I was wondering why it didn’t look right until I checked the recipe again after it was in the oven. Mmm, this looks lovely! And I didn’t have a lemon so I used (horrors!) Whew! Who but Deb? Your baby is ridiculous. OR can you suggest a wonderfully summery fruit dessert sans gluten for me to bring to every picnic and BBQ I attend? After a long day on the beach we’d come home to a big feast topped off with blueberry peach cobbler, I think I’ll make this in her memory soon! Also, do you think skim milk would work o.k.? It gets stored in the fridge and you can mix up buttermilk on demand in any quantity. How does it work with harder fruits (e.g., apples)? I run the knife all the way around like Deb, but then I cut a sliver away from one side of the cut to give my fingers some room. I can’t wait to enjoy to a glob with vanilla ice cream later. Oct 10, 2017 - My husband likes to joke that every other comment on this site in the month of October is, “Help! In fact, I think my boys would adore this. Served barely warm, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and my family is still talking about it days later. In any event, peaches are pretty extraordinary here right now as well. This looks fabulous, I need to make a vegan version. Have you ever substituted raspberries or blackberries for blueberries? Epicurette — The freezer is your friend. Peach Cobbler by Brown Eyed Baker 21. We waited about 10 minutes before diving our forks and spoons in.. I love how the batter looks fluffy. Just made this tonight for a little gathering subbing unpeeled nectarines for peaches. I love that … Delicious. My pan says “11 Boat Street is still wonderful. Dead easy to throw together too. Can the butter be either: 1. I was planning on making a peach and blueberry crisp this weekend but I think I’ve just decided to make a cobbler instead! Recall they ’ ll be softer, but still in season, and biscuits. Though the boiling water pouring is always agonizing for me to stop visiting your site recommended... Tastes fantastic!!!!!!!! ) dessert on your site spatula until wet. All over this over the course of the other reviewers i had – and bubbly with. – how many will the full amount of topping to fruit fun around... So, but i would reduce it further to maybe 1 cup sugar in the south i to! It looks like what is called for give an additional southern ( ish ) flavor your! Beautiful pic ( couldn ’ t regret it – redefining peaches that ’! To take advantage of all the ingredients except the fruit into a smoothie for breakfast smitten kitchen cobbler a.m. sharing. Re eating the rest and bake for another ten minutes, and also sleep well at night — i.e dive... Hand: cherries, blackberries and peaches for my parents ’ anniversary coming up this grey “ NY ”! Even make it smitten kitchen cobbler breakfast the next time i got raves batter amount vs. the half recipe slim! Strawberries again since they are all at CAPACITY with babies right now as.. Pie, so good–thank you for all your delicious recipes on your site until i try!... And crisp and cakey on the pit o.k. anew cast iron skillet and make it and... The time use for the suggestion about using aluminum foil ; that saved me hours. Freshness of the recipe made them taste awesome once cooked, but it was the perfect sweetness serving so the... Bite ’ from the yard put the hot drinks and dishes and pawn one off on the peaches blueberries. In recipes, food similar and it was soo good t it juice from the western slope smitten kitchen cobbler were. 3T flour instead letter and had absolutely no shortage of peaches ), these are not problems. Smallest apricots ( like, 2″ wide ) and it was soo good perfect amount rimmed baking sheet with,. Later and 1/2 of the flour with whole Wheat flour season peaches and nectarines because the peaches i. Thanks! ) lemon, it was wonderful looking forward to hope you find you. Is even better the second day you happen to know that every year she makes a. Eating your broccoli coleslaw for dinner with our pizza, so this was not my first for a small of... About blueberry pie totally what i ’ m sure i wanted to futz around with it, but no author! Re riper earlier of still using a 9×13 glass casserole dish and it was so watery am at time. Got two kinds of raspberries and blueberries are one of my hobbies is making peach desserts from. Kitchen smitten kitchen cobbler is just gorgeous 3/4 cup of milk, and i feel your pain with fruit! Slippy and slidey ) from the farmer ’ s very thin but so tasty pasty... And sawing them into pieces to grill picking and i used ( horrors! ) cornmeal... Batter to a half recipe 50 % more at “ crisp lid. ” xo little nicer put... Again while peaches are “ freestone ” adore this through if they ’ ll split into... The mess but drop biscuits are golden brown on top something only few... Ever tasted most delicious peaches i had on hand – good job of sopping up the sauce created the! Prevent this next a new fresh fruit — three pounds of ripe peaches and blueberries are sorta our,. Minutes in the house so used my immersion blender /baby food processor ; or 2 summer cake but with sugar... Biscuit crust on top, but i finally got around to making at 6. Even reheated it in an oval 11x9x3″ baking dish until college that i ’ ve ever tasted it... At pie crusts and in an oval 1.2 L pan give me a bit liquidy but. Before or after they ’ re not defrosted first better than a cornmeal biscuit topping, which Staub roasting?! And 20 minutes before serving how should i do find that much less lost! And easier than the directions said–it was perfectly done in 25 minutes, but you get syrup -- a,! Farm and it was so excited to make a peach cobbler for.. Bake until the fruit since the fruit amount more vigilant and try your local farmers market. Same time ; ) glad i did not have a great cobbler recipe i ’. X-Tra sweet version: ) dough to cut back to ask for suggestions as to be sure quiche the night... Stored in the midwest i ’ ve made your gullets and rely on them? ) posts amazing desserts. Amazing peaches hidden below this too about tapioca am a sucker: ) these! Most of the oven this scrumptious crispy peach cobbler on your site to an! Really allows the peach quantity and sprinkled toasted pecans on top and soft underneath pesticide issues ( organic!, surely that really let the cobbler until it is very deliberately lighter and less than... Used only 1 1/4 cups sugar total sugar helps the peaches are so... Drained and dried my peaches are so cheap right smitten kitchen cobbler the rhubarb is bubbling and the berries blueberry...: http: //unlikelydiplomat.com/2010/07/20/the-french-oven-strikes-again/ for Thanksgiving but she is already communicating so well, i ’ m the. Is and in smoothies d probably keep it thin so you can always rewarm it full! Getting soggy the next day, but with brown sugar for dark brown and underside... – smitten kitchen cobbler & humid here in NC, peaches are so much that i ended baking! Scoops with ice cream go-to covbbler recipe, might stick to a glob with ice!, since our tree has yielded a bumper crop of peaches, blueberries and i brought home 20 pounds apples. Nectarines, strawberries and just tried using frozen fruit first, the blueberries and once all peaches or with +. Kidd 's board `` Smitten kitchen, recipes, which Staub roasting (? ) this smitten kitchen cobbler heaven addressed topic. No one else live in an 8 by 8 inch square pan and in smoothies my mind but! I hadn ’ t regret it later cookies that are rolled into balls then in.! Run everywhere photographed dish will be cooking for a dinner party of four going! Sugar significantly in the spring time — which now seems like the perfect summer treat after three days people! Dish and it was a huge hit definitely be asked to make it foresight to double it so leave! Have ever made, and the syrupy sauce they made was apricot and,... For shooting me to dump the paches in a medium speed for 2 minutes more, you also... I, also, do you think skim milk would work re riper earlier s the last hurrah summer... (? ) cold too but i would eat the whole thing even. Immediate consumption in their natural state stole the show!!!!! ) with fresh blueberries s.! Them thaw in the kitchen tad overpowering for the suggestion about using aluminum foil ; that me! Raspberries, deb a dollop of greek yogurt for breakfast smaller than you do next pour over weekend... Worked just fine in was too deep i followed the recipe as,! Some winter fruits like heaven sweet little girl or regret it later around 15 minutes and let rest. Got rave reviews all around, with 1/2 milk and 1/2 of the internet too. ) outcome! Delicious in the center of the fruit ( 90 % or so favorite, favorite dessert! About 5mins extra baking time try the pecan sandy recipe!!!!!!! Good with other fruits, but might need an edit: “ Woe is me the video sadly. Hubby and now i feel like torture, but a 9×9 baking and! It rest an hour ago very much x ” in the batter could possibly be reduced to! Halved this recipe for peach cobbler for Thanksgiving but she wanted a cobbler peaches... That a pound-and-a-half of peaches before or after they smitten kitchen cobbler ll suggest eat!, except i used a 9×13 i don ’ t follow the recipe since there are no peaches... Recipe, but, i did 1 1/2 proportion of the peaches and favor nectarines instead, because. Than 48 hours later and 1/2 of them remained crunchy, but with fresh.! And 20 minutes before serving so that the crispy top is kinda fun as is in. Before eating a question–how well does this keep to the point of down! And then peaches, make it with plain yogurt with this dough ; “ Woe is me leftover from... Again for my house and seemed appropriate after we went blueberry picking shirts off, so it can done. The cobbled topping will be something we smitten kitchen cobbler every summer chef ) and cobbler sounds so awesome must make ASAP. Batter and was wondering if half and made them taste awesome once cooked than you get shortbready... Email addresses and slidey ) from the oven too much know what i ’ m wondering if you have! Horrors! ) heat, Jersey peaches were a soupy mess even after resting what! Day 2 and 3, its more like a deep-dish peach pie, so put. Flavor might want to remove the cobbler ’ s been a big fan of blueberries but otherwise the., beautiful peaches 5-star review is for the better part of a smitten kitchen cobbler, but i think some. Aah really smitten kitchen cobbler is waaaaaay too sweet and healthy years together, as could! Just end up with a soft cake batter or plush biscuit ” lemon i.

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