I was wrongfully terminated and the owner didn't even talk to me or the manager on the shift about it before deciding to let me go. Now knowing the fact that the spicy Queso have been discontinued makes me an unhappy customer and disappointed that y'all took away one of my favorite toppings of the menu. My husbandsTaco's were cold, & had some sort of runny white stuff on it that they called sour cream, & I've had better Quesadilla's @ Taco Bell!! The Company offers canned, frozen fruits, fruit juice, vegetable and non-vegetable food items. this is not a good way to run a company as we do quoting all the time and I know if we make a mistake we are willing to work with our customers. We just went to our local Qdoba for dinner. Comments are for review purposes. The others were socializing. While the store was short staffed due to inclement weather, the staff that was there was over the top.....friendly, efficient. [email protected]. This afternoon, someone tried to make a fraudulent purchase with my information for over $4,100. I talked with the manager. I have NEVER been in a business that is SO UNPROFESSIONAL! 500 Wheat Ridge CO 80033 Qdoba Restaurant Corporation corporate phone number: (720) 898-2300 The moral in that place is so low. CAN YOU NOT SEE EVERYONE HATES YOU NOW! He told the employees there that once the other manager is offically gone that so will the people he brought in. Nike Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address: One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, Oregon 97005 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-503-671-6453 C... © corporateofficeheadquarters.com. The company operates Qdoba Mexican Grill, the #2 quick-casual Mexican chain behind market leader Chipotle Mexican Grill, with about 700 locations.The eateries offer a selection of signature burritos, … I ordered amango salad didn't have enought points so the manager to the cashier to trash the salad. The manager by the name of heather was very rude to me & I felt as though she was trying to rush me through everything. 888-228-3794; Business Hours. Boycott qdoba restaurants black people!! Hello,My wife received a text message Sunday saying that I could get an entree and a drink for $5.00, tax included. After eating my meal I got to the end and noticed I was chewing on something hard it was a piece of plastic......smh I'm not going to call and complain at that particular one on Gull Rd. Qdoba Restaurant Corporation operates as a restaurant. I wont be eating at that qdoba ant more. With the five employees there, only 2 were working. Even the employees said they were not happy, and they get many request.. also no more lime on the chips? Qdoba’s phone number is (858) 766-4900 I'm truly disappointed!!!! Or select our convenient box lunches for a meal packed with flavor - and dessert! Anymore we will just drive on the othee side of town. What is happening? Absolute worst experience in my career, ever. About QDOBA Mexican Eats QDOBA is a fast-casual Mexican restaurant with more than 730 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Granted I don't eat there as much as I used to because where I work it is not convenient to get to one of your stores in 30 minutes.I have been a huge fan of Qdoba for the longest time and feel rather recentful of this hike in pricing for something so simple. We're disappointed because the next nearest location is basically another hour away with traffic. She just got pregnant in 2016. Let Truework help you complete employment and income verifications faster. Check our menu and catering options. Kudos to the store manager (I did not get her name) but she was as happy as a pig in...... Dear qdoba.... this used to be my favorite restaurant, I moved away a year ago, but would make the 35 min ride for my chx tacos with ancho bbq... well I get here today and it is gone?!?! We’re committed to serving high quality Mexican Eats, where guac and queso is free on all entrées. Looking to the register the trash is piled high and overflowing into the area where not only employees, but customers walk through. I applied for an Assistant Manager position, and went for the interview. They kept calling and texting me so I called the cops and the cops told me, that since it was a corporation and not a franchise I was still allowed in that store. Can anyone tell me why this specific location had to be closed? I have some very serious inquiries that need to be handled. 500 Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 Phone: (720)898-2300 Website: www.qdoba.com Qdoba Mexican Grill @ 4946 Centre Pointe Dr #101, North Charleston, SC 29418. If you would like to contact the corporate offices of Qdoba Restaurant Corporation, please use their contact information such as their phone number, website, and address listed above to contact them. We ordered 3 burritos. July, 2020 The company owns over 150 restaurants itself and the rest of them are owned by franchises. He said he could use my Facebook private account against me if I went to court or I try to do unemployment. This is the most selfish, ignorant thing I have ever heard! So, I accepted. His response was unbelievable. The girl with the color of the week hair is just a bitch to everyone! However, sometimes staff from Qdoba Restaurant Corporation headquarters do read the reviews on this website. This experience made me fell upset because I'm a loyal costumer to Qdobas. Today is Sunday the 7th my daughter's went to go pick up the replacement entrées and mind you I have four children so we typically spend roughly $50 every time we go. What would be nice is if something were done about these kind of people, but I know it won't happen, so I am alerting everyone about this atrocious location. Its very rare, if @ all I complain about a restaurant, but this place I would "NEVER" go back too!! The map below indicates our available territories and some of the hot markets where we are aggressively expanding our outreach in the United States. They will all be gone within two weeks, so that he can bring his on crew in. Why?? The company owns the Qdoba Mexican Grill, which also serves made-to-order Mexican dishes. Qdoba Restaurant Corporation Corporate Office & Headquarters 4865 Ward Rd.,Ste. Because we stand for slicing, dicing, and sautéing ingredients by hand, in-house. The employess all look so down & none of them like him. This was our first time trying to order from this restaurant and was really in the mood for some good Mexican. It was the worst experience I've ever experienced from this place. You can reach me at my email [email protected] Thank you, Ok.....I'm apparently not alone in my experience. Or select our convenient box lunches for a meal packed with flavor - and dessert! Betsy is one of there names and all I saw was here going off on her employees telling them what to do and she would just stand there not doing anything like she runs the place. He was indicating I deserve to be beaten on by my fiance because I decided to quit. If the next meal was free and i didn't have my card with me to purchase the salad why trash it. Just shows how ridiculous the employees and the managers are at the fast food restaurants. Fresh, made-to-order Mexican food is on the menu at Qdoba Restaurants. I think we have just had our last visit to the new location...and too bad because the new owners are very good to their customers. When we arrived, and ordered our food, we mentioned our text message but the person at the till said they were not honoring that special because they were not aware of it. We are not sure if we will trust future promotions you have.Note that this is at the Sioux Falls, SD 41st street location: Store number 046.I am a Qdoba member and can be reached via email at [email protected]. Needless to say, we both fought over who was gonna get in the bathroom 1st once we got home!! Check our menu and catering options. 500 Wheat Ridge, CO 80033-1902 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-720-898-2300 Fax Number: 1-720-898-2396 Customer Service Number: 1-888-497-3622 Email: Online Only That's show that they don't pay attention to nothing you say. With a menu filled with fresh ingredients and craveable, made in-house flavors, our commitment to quality is as strong as our commitment to our customers. Qdoba Corporate Office & Headquarters 4865 Ward Rd., Ste. Just recently I had just put my two weeks in a store in Loveland Colorado. When we went to pay the person at the register was going so fast the he forgot her tortilla and Crushed all the chips for my Nachos.Funny part to the story is that I was sent a letter from the Manager Josh and was told that he would send a coupon in the mail and he would like for me to call him when I get a chance. We stand for making flavor-filled food full of spicy, zesty, … My coworker was with me and she didn't like his attitude either. He is a very rude and inconsiderate person. So basically, she doesn't offer to make ANY of this right, and tells me if I can't deal with the 11$ an HOUR, that I can terminate myself. There has been no attempt from anyone on your end to contact me and it is becoming very infuriating. Qdoba Corporate Office Headquarters Qdoba Restaurant Corporation Address: 4865 Ward Rd., Ste. The manager just had become a GM of the store cuz the old GM had left. You guys treat your employees on maternity leave terribly! My family ate at the Billing, MT on Kings Street Qdoba. Qdoba Mexican Eats (/ k j uː ˈ d oʊ b ə / kew-DOH-bə) is a chain of fast casual restaurants in the United States and Canada serving Mexican-style cuisine.After spending 15 years as a wholly owned subsidiary of Jack in the Box, the company was sold to a consortium of funds led by Apollo Global Management in March 2018. Upland Ca. I understand he is a manager, but that does not give him the right to treat people like that. For good staff sucks! This is my dirst time having and issue in over four years. Hello corporate office, I'm writing a concern about the closure of one of your restaurants. He disrespects his employees in front of customers. Then fix your website? Email - Qdoba@SilkScreenShirtsinc.com . QDOBA Mexican Eats opened its new headquarters in the AMP&RSAND office complex in San Diego, Calif. Named “QDOBA Flavor Central,” the headquarters will also serve as a hub for the culinary team to create and test menu innovations. Spring it on her after being home with her new 4 week old baby that by the way even though you jumped through all of the hoops that you told her to you will not be getting anything. The manager didn't even take this seriously and just gave me attitude the whole time. I waited for a reply back from him. Wauwatosa, WI. Without warning I'm sort of at a loss for words because one week they were there and the week after they were gone. You need to hire better workers. And I had texted someone on Facebook and said I quit and I told him why I was quitting. He's highly disrespectful to me and other employees. Also, when we call and let him know we're sick, he accuses us of lying but we have doctors notes to prove otherwise. We are not capturing any further information. I will be calling my lawyer, the labors union, and your corporate offices as well as your local offices vigorously in hopes of a swift resolution to this matter.Thank you for your time, Marque. Instead of asking the employees to assist with another section he is screaming, yelling & cursing at them. The headquarters of the company is located in Wheat Ridge, CO. We had tried to place an order on line 5 times and got the pop-up error message of 'pick a date and time' and then it terminated the order. Started work, and 5 days into it, he gets fired for shady business on his behalf. I went into the store the other day to order my food and when I went to ask for spicy queso they told me that the spicy queso have disconnected. I went to 1916 south gate road Colorado Springs CO 80906 on 4/26/2013 at 6:55 pm. So, basically they our blaming me for wanting to eat there and for the website not working. Hello.I was recently let go from your moline Illinois store due to a medical condition I can not control. If this is how they treat their customers, then I can believe all the negative comments on here from employess. At QDOBA, we bring flavor to people’s lives through our communities, people, restaurants, and food. Choosing how to manage the payroll and accounting needs of your business is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. With only a handful of people in the place at midday, waited more time than allowable for many different but basic supplies to be loaded in warmers/bins, watched people handle food and money w/o gloves? My name is Marque, and I am an employee at the Bloomington, Indiana store. We were charged $7.80 for about 1 1/2 cups of food if that. If someone could contact me please, that would be awesome! At QDOBA we’re all about flavor. Check our menu and catering options. General Inquiries. The atmosphere in the store has changed drastically since he has come to the store. So when I went into Qdoba to tell them, I got blank looks; no I sorry, or can I at least give you your money back, thanks for telling us that we will look into it, are you okay? All comments with swear words will be deleted, even abbreviated swear words. They stated that they wouldn't make anymore for the night, knowing they were open until 2 A.M. Then walking past the register to get my drinks, it reeked of garbage. ����, Billings,MT managers are very rude!! I am very dissatified with Qdoba on Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15222. Build your own burritos, tacos, nachos & more, and add guac and queso for free. I also had to leave work early one night due to my bronchitis and I couldn't catch my breath and I was coughing nonstop for an hour. Greetings to you. So i just got fierd from qdoba herr lane louisville ky because my co woker that is 26 and brother who is 30 told me he would beat (oifj)and im only 16 and the gm said she dosnt care and i need a good number to call. QDOBA to Open First Restaurant in Hometown Growing San Diego-Based National Chain Has 730 Locations July, 2020; QDOBA Announces First Restaurant Location in San Diego Restaurant to open this Fall in Mission Valley near corporate HQ July, 2020; The Digital Journey Evolves at Qdoba Before COVID-19, the fast casual relaunched its entire digital suite. The whole staff at this location needs to be trashed!! These restaurants are located in about 500 different locations spread across 40 states. He yells & curses at them. Well once again last night(4-25-2013) the service was bad. so there must have been a miscommunication, when I spoke to Stephanie the manager, she advised that the bill stated 441.76 not 141.76, I advised her that I was already told it was written on the bill and her response was well, it cost 441.76 you can either take it or cancel the order which I did as she did not want to work with me on this, I advised her that we are a HUGH company that does a lot of catering affairs and that my boss would not accept a 441.76 bill after I advised him of the quoted price and again she stated well 441.76 take it or leave it, so I did - I also advised her that I would write to the better business bureau and file a corporate complaint. So now, I'm left with a verbal agreement, and the Regional manager has a meeting with me about his promises. Im not one to usually complain, but this visit was so terrible and disgusting, I had to say something. I thought I had enough points to receive a free lunch, but too my surprise my next lunch would have been free. There are currently 4 consumer reviews about Qdoba Restaurant Corporation available. Because we stand for slicing, dicing, and sautéing ingredients by hand, in-house. It is going to be awhile until I go to any of your stores now that these new menu changes have gone into effect. She was very impatient and unprofessional as he handled the award display of disrespect tactfully as they often do. I hope this does not fall on def ears.I can be contacted at [email protected]. Build your own burritos, tacos, nachos & more, and add guac and queso for free. For any questions regarding an order for this webstore please contact us at the email provided below. The company operates Qdoba Mexican Grill, the #2 quick-casual Mexican chain behind market leader Chipotle Mexican Grill, with about 700 locations.The eateries offer a selection of signature burritos, … I have been a loyal customer for many years... but, not sure I will be back.. That Guy in Louisville, KY that help that lady should get a raise. I visited the gratiot store in roseville & it was the worse experience ever. Will never eat @ your establishment. Was told by the area manager that in 30 days, I would receive my base salary of 40k yearly, and 10k in bonuses yearly as well. This is the worst company if you would do this to a young mother. Do not offer any personal information in your comments. Qdoba Restaurant Corporation operates as a restaurant. What gives you the right to actually exclaim something as rude as that? Usually going there a couple times a month, this time really disgusted me. Oh, and she sprinkled a little rice as well! Let a pregnant woman think she is going to be getting dissability while she is off from work - home with her new baby. It was right around the end of the dinner rush, and they were out of main things. Contact Qdoba customer service. Watching how she talked to people young and old made me sick! And I say know reason, because how do you fire someone for speaking up to you, when you are telling them to Shut the f up and get to work. Contact the QDOBA franchise and licensing team to learn more about the availability of the areas and territories that pique your interest. He doesn't seem to really care if we're ill. I am very disappointed that we could not use your services for our Cinco De Mayo party and I expect better service as this was not handled professionally. Build your own burritos, tacos, nachos & more, and add guac and queso for free. I am so upset right now. She tells me, she's sorry he made me believe that, and told me that their managers make HALF of that! I call the same day and the manager on duty named Eric replaced two entrées and two drinks. We’re committed to serving high quality Mexican Eats, where guac and queso is free on all entrées. My husband never has more than rice, chicken, and cheese as a somewhat naked burrito. Uses discretion in daily management decisions with accountability for living the Brand values and helping the brand thrive. We are not talking about a drip. I never deserved to be disrespected like that. I'm making a complaint due to the fact that I was an employee for Qdoba in Louisville Kentucky on blankenbaker Road and today I texted my boss John informing him I was leaving the company due to not being satisfied with my job anymore. The way that the new GM was treating the old employees and giving all the hours to the newbies he kept hiring is absolutely unbelievable . The man said they had called someone to fix it and were aware. Roaring Fork Restaurant Group is a locally owned and operated Qdoba Mexican Grill franchise with locations in WI, IL and IA. I hope he didn't charge me twice because on my bank account I was debit twice. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and the employees. I went to Qdoba today and ordered Nachos. Qdoba Restaurant Corporation Corporate Office | Headquarters Avarage Rating: 4865 Ward Rd.,Ste. Girls behind the counter are so rude every time I have been there! Tried calling the "corporate" numbers to get my recent visits credited to my rewards card. Qdoba Mexican Eats. Qdoba Restaurant Corporation | 23,530 followers on LinkedIn. The manger was not friendly and made me look like a fool in front of the other customers. CELEBRATE FLAVOR WITH QDOBA CATERING. I also have text messages to prove this conversation happened between the two of us. Horrible treatment from whites at the Westland, MI location on Warren Rd.. Its not like a sit down restaurant, the people serving you behind the counter are Rude, Mr. Princess behind the cash register likes to pick his nails while your standing there holding your money out to pay him! On march 1st I made a purchase at your Rockaway nj location. You can call Qdoba at (888) 497-3622 toll free number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website www.qdoba.com, or write a letter to Qdoba Restaurant Corporation, 9330 Balboa Ave, San Diego, California, 92123, United States.

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