[…], […] The ratings in the table above are based on the Hammerhead scale, a cable binding developed by Rainey Designs with underfoot cable routing and adjustable […]. I have installed four pairs of these on my skis, and find them the best for the range of skiing I do, from backcountry climbing to advanced resort skiing. Maybe that's what I should go back to? I experimented with taking out the heel blocks and that was not a good idea. TELEWIKI - The Telemark Skiing Wiki Knowledge Base, 22 Designs Vice and Hammerhead Bindings hurting my knees, Re: 22 Designs Vice and Hammerhead Bindings hurting my knees. Downhill Performance The sliders are cracked and need to be replaced but I believe they will still hold the binding in place. Binding: 22 Designs Hammerhead Telemark Bindings in good working condition. 22 Designs Lynx Binding. $70. To do so there are just a few things you need to know and you'll be swapping skis with your buddies on the hill in no time. by soar07 » Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:10 pm, Post In 2005, 22 Designs purchased Rainey Designs and continued producing the binding with very minor adjustments to the binding through 2012. You can find good deals on them. A block of plastic resembling the head of a hammerhead shark (hence the name) fits over the front of the spring. google_ad_height = 600; And yes when I first got them I did not like the more forward stance and still dont. Downhill Performance Adjustable pivot point and cable tension. Complaints The Hammerhead brings a whole lot of chutzpah to the hill with insane edge to edge control. Price: $320 Website: Twenty Two Designs Weight: 3.9 lbs / 1780 g Summary: The 22 Designs Axl is an aggressive binding that has an indestructible, burly feel and a free pivot touring mode. Details about Rainey 22 Designs Hammerhead Telemark Ski Bindings w Leashes. Granted I am getting older (50) but it feels like the heel blocks are too high and that puts my front leg into a position that is uncomfortable. Thank you for taking the time to answer! SIGN UP TO GET THE LATEST 22 NEWS. By adapting the Axl platform to a new connection point they built a winner, a binding with a tour mode that is proven to work reliably and switch modes easily in a steel based package known for durability with NTN’s laterally tight connection. Does anybody have any recommendations previously I had T2s and I loved those. The weak points are the push buttons on the cable guides; they’re notorious for wearing away, or enlarging the mating holes. You know that you can adjust the activity of the HH by moving the cable guide position, right? The power of a fighter jet with the grace of a ballerina, Bishop's precision engineering lets you soar with style. Its the first free-pivot binding with three cable guide positions so y Excellent telemark binding. 1 viewed per hour. Product details. $200. $498.95 - $548.95 . Tested. The spring system was different than Hammerhead and in an effort to streamline sourcing costs the Vice telemark binding was created, effectively ending production of Hammerhead. Telemarking is a blast. The boys at 22 Designs took over production of the Hammerhead from its creator, Russell Rainey, in February 2004. $499.95 . Now on the same skis that I love but with the Hammerhwads on them I hate the position I feel my knees in when skiing. The Axl gives you the legendary stiffness and adjustability of the Hammerhead and adds a free-pivot backcountry touring mode that allows you to tour longer and with less fatigue. 22 Designs Vice and Hammerhead Bindings hurting my knees This is the World Famous TelemarkTalk / TelemarkTips Forum, by far the most dynamic telemark and backcountry skiing discussion board on the world wide web. Adjustment Coil Inside Spreader Outside Spreader HAMMERHEAD/BOMBSHELL LisE BINDING ANATOMY 11 12 16 Boa-r SIZING To adjust the binding for your boot size, spin the adjustment coils in or out of the U-shaped heel tube. I'm selling my 22 Designs Hammerhead bindings. 22 Designs creates USA-made NTN telemark ski bindings with the latest technology and best performance. Complete Wool Mountainwear. hmm, interesting. Condition: Used. Twenty Two Designs Hammerhead Telemark Binding has been discontinued by Twenty Two Designs and is no longer available. In 2005, 22 Designs purchased Rainey Designs and continued producing the binding with very minor adjustments to the binding through 2012. This is a reprint of an article that first appear in Couloir Magazine Vol. It gives you the power of a HammerHead, but tours effortlessly. //-->. Use Shipping Calculator. Item Information. 22 Designs Hammerhead Binding Brand: 22 Designs. It seems unavoidable given the binding innterface, but it still concerns me to see so much wear after only a few days out. When the beta version arrived it was clear that a new standard in control had been set, and for some that is reason enough. They created a free-pivoting version of Hammerhead called Axl that maintained the same underfoot cable routing with easier to adjust power pivot points. This is the most important step so please take plenty of time to align the template correctly. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-7517646706067697"; The power of a fighter jet with the grace of a ballerina, Bishop's precision engineering lets you soar with style. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below.You can also explore other items in the Snow , Backcountry Skiing , Telemark Bindings yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you! Thanks for all the inputs. At that point, the binding had limited distribution, despite the fact it had somewhat of a cult following among die-hard telemarkers.Pringle and … It combines the control of NTN with the smooth flex of a Hammerhead (Axl/Vice). Cool! /* GoogleTower on EarnYourTurns */ Durability The design is very practical and well engineered. Since it's release, a whole lot of things have changed in the world, but the Hammerhead still runs with the best of them. No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+Opens in a new window or tab* No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on $99+. I read the HH will still be sold this year but wondering if they will overlap. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. TwentyTwo Designs Hammerhead. 22 Designs - Hammerhead - N/A - U. Chris Valiante and the binding builders at TwentyTwo Designs say no chance. 1 color available. TwentyTwo Designs Hammerhead. However, lots of folks like a more neutral feeling binding, preferring to rely on their own technique to get them through the tough moments. Summary . However, the Hammerhead had one flaw in its lack of the free pivot point. 2 colors available. Revolutionary Beta Test Program