It must use default values. Sit Height: 18-24, For that distance and hammock length the web calculator says the strap length should be 67″. Is the hammock only 7 feet long? Yes, use the hammock length and measure the full length (loop to loop, or clew to clew). comments. If you want the hammock to hang in a more basketlike shape, the ends can be somewhat closer together. Possibly a dumb question. Thankfully, exactly where to attach it is easy with the Hammock Hang Calculator. And use the car wheels as anchor or build just the 2×4 at 60 degrees, but trying to get how long the 2×4 needs to be? Luiz Luiz is the Founder and VP of eCommerce at Hammock Town. The Hammock Universe Hang Calculator There’s no better feeling than kicking back and relaxing in your hammock on a hot summer day. Thats not where I’ll typically use my hammock, but since I’m brand new to hammock camping, I want to practice setting it up. With trigonometry in play, you have to add up the total forces in play to get the final number. Of course! A 30 degree angle, you exert 600 lbs per strap. A 20-28″ ground clearance seems suitable (pretty sure space constraints will force entering the hammock from the bed…) and I think anything between 30-45 degrees would be ok for the hang angle. Also, although it is easy enough to bring out the calculator to get 83% of physical hammock length for a ridge line length, it would be nice to be able to specify physical length with a check box to use 83% – or just list on the page, 83% of 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 11ft, 12ft for reference. Like Piete said before it is calculating with 86,6%. I cover these in more detail in my book because they can all effect these variables. This is what I do in a few of my rooms to accommodate a few different hammocks and give me some flexibility. Yes. My first hammock has been shipped yesterday and I’m excited to try it out. It will mean less hardware options, like the clinometer, but would mean less fiddling with the code. This puts an icon in the launcher on iOS or Android (or on the desktop on PC). I’ve had this recently because I changed phones and my favourite workout data app does not work with my current phone (they actually state that the app is not compatible with xiaomi phones). I use a Nexus4, rooted, KitKat 4.4, and it will not run whatsoever. How would i set this up if i was using a pipe stand from your site. Yes, the calculator looks at straight lines. Speed and velocity of the sitting action can add more force than just the weight. comments. Android issues are spotty and I can’t confirm with certainty which combination is having issues. Hi posted a bit ago. I just bought and downloaded your app for my android phone and it wont open. Smaller hammocks that are about 9 ft long will probably work but the attachment point will be right at the limit. Any suggestions?? Leave a number, even if zero (0) so the app doesn’t kick back a non-number error (NaN). It depends on your hang distance. pretty excited to get a good hang in my HH. The other thing I want is the ability to use my tarp, so a pergola that has an inner distance of 12 ft is ideal. suspension length. However, there are a few things you need to know about your hammock before venturing out into the field! Perhaps the problem is that the calculator does not consider a distributed load?? Does it seem a little less scary now? I have a 14-ft Brazilian hammock and it currently bottoms out on my Vario stand at 13-ft horizontal and 4’9″ arm height. I guess this would be more complicated, but also more accurate…. Is this too short of a distance to hang the hammock between? A stud finder is the best way to determine the location of a stud. The calculator will work but if there are too many fixed variables it can’t miraculously make the stand behave differently. Hammock Dutch PolyD. For instance, if you've chosen the preferred sit height and additionally you know hammock and suspension length, you'll be able to calculate the distance between anchors, as well as a hanging point. You can either choose your ridgeline length (not automatically calculated) or the hammock length. Just close your eyes, listen to the crickets chirping, and fall into the arms of Morpheus. If your hammock is shorter, your suspension has to go farther down to connect. If the angle were different, the horizontal force would change, but the downward force would stay the same. Ridgeline length 274.3 cm When I take it down, there is nothing in the way, and only two pipes and the hammock to store. Hi there, I used your calculator hang a double Brazilian (12 feet total length) hanging in a span of 11 feet, and it’s not hung quite right but is good enough for sleeping. There are a few forces at work here. I’ve had the app installed on my iPhone for a while, but only recently took a look at it again. I’m not a fan of these tippy contraptions and would prefer if the world was rid of them. The Hammock Hang Calculator lets you calculate how high to set your anchors based on the size of your hammock and distance between points. The weight of the person in the hammock does not equal the tension load on the rope/straps. . That’s awesome! Hang Point [tells me how high I need to set the anchors on my posts]] I’m currently trying to hang a 13 foot (total length) Nicaraguan in that same span of 11 feet. My other viable option would be PVC pipes, which would cost more & be less attractive with somewhat better portability. A hammock hanging nearby is an appealing call to leisure and relaxation. Suspension Dutch Whoopie Hook. Now after having had my head done in, I’m gonna do as the Mayans did all that time ago, risk happily falling to earth as Icarus did and simply string up the beast and head to the sun! Figure out how long your suspension lines need to be, even if you have a built-in ridgeline! I'm planning on buying a Nakie Hammock and I'd like an option to hang it off a tent trailer or to bring a seperate portable/collapsible frame to hang the hammock. Bye and sorry for the misunderstanding, No suspension required. Some hammocks have a rope/line that connects these two points that is fixed, usually around 83% of the total length of the hammock fabric. And finally it tells us that the sum of moments about the center of mass of the hammock and its inhabitant(s) have to add up to zero, otherwise the hammock and its inhabitant(s) will start spinning. If you hang a rope straight down and attach a weight, the main force applied is gravitational, and the scale would show a weight equal to the weight attached (+ accessories). I’m planning to do something exactly like that. I need to update the page. But remember, this is HALF the distance between the trees, so you have to multiply by two. Purchased the app a ways back hanging an eno double nest indoors. You can even download the Hammock Hang Calculator app for your smartphone so you have it in the […]. It’s a great starting point if you’re are going to set permanent anchors in your living room, for example, or for estimating a hang point when camping. Regardless, I’m still hanging when I get a chance. If you were building an ideal hammock hanging pergola, suitable for an assortment of hammocks (I currently own an ENO doublenest), what would be your ideal distance between posts (on each side), and what would be the minimum distance that would still work? Lead Times: Custom Hammocks 6 weeks: Ready To Ship Hammocks 2 to 3 business days: Accessories 2 to 3 business days I seem to have Metal studs in my wall, how would I go Of doing this? A brand-new hammock may be shorter than its advertised length when it is first hung. Android is no longer supported. After the cotton hook latches to the bolt on the wall, the webbing begins immediately… how should I use the app in this case? Is the shear force total or per side? Luckily, a hammock hang calculator will do most of the thinking for you. My straps have loops in 4″ increments, so I got as close to 67 as I could. Or maybe I just need to go with what you said. I’m checking with the developer. The ridge line is not a necessity. I wondered growing up how these things might be useful. A 30 degree angle, you exert 600 lbs per strap. As for a good two person hammock, I suspect you are looking for something to hang in the backyard? Bug netting and a basic tarp will allow you to rest and sleep peacefully. Often, I find myself trying to hang a hammock off-center – closer to one tree than the other. Ha! Trying to find one to fit. Any new yet on what was going on with my download? Thanks. I just noticed something weird is happening when you select the Metric radio button more than once – the numbers go crazy. When you decrease the degree of the hang, you increase the horizontal force. Oct 29, 2017 - I often field questions about the Hammock Hang Calculator about the hang angle. Derek, great calculator. Thanks again Derek for the app and for taking the time to reply to everyone. I’ll forward this to the developer. Was there something else you wanted to know? Any guidance gratefully received. Tarp HG Winter Palace. […] can buy online once you’ve found a style of hammock or hanging chair that you like. Bar none the most comfortable hammock. Thanks. I love the look of the Mayan Rada and am considering that with tree straps (which I am pretty confident will work on the brick columns (they are square, so will allow for easy wrapping). Derek Hansen is a lightweight backpacker, former Scoutmaster, and “hammock enthusiast” who enjoyed his first hammock hang at age 14 at a Boy Scout high adventure base. It was an oversight. If so is that laying on the ground or hung, which varies? […] you need a bit of help, you can use this calculator (you can choose between metric and English units) to estimate how high you need to install the […], […] when you sit on the hammock. You typically want a safe working load of 4:1 or 5:1 or some go as far as 10:1. How can I download that hammock calculator as a jpeg ? h = Foot end anchor h higher than head end, L=(D-R∙cos⁡(atan⁡(h/D) ))/(2∙cos⁡α ) The link to the app in the Amazon app store is broken. I have a Roo (10′) so unless I want to be way up in the air (50″), I am at a much higher than 30 degree angle. Neither the American Indians nor the Ancient Mayan Civilisation had calculators but slept suspended in peace! Thank you so much! Android users can access the app via Google. Veranda Deluxe Framed Hammock and Stand Cover. Hmm, that doesn’t make sense. Do you hang the eye-bolt higher on the foot end? I hang my hammock very close to the small tree so the hang angle there is more than 30 & the hang angle from the larger tree exceeds 30 by a lot. Is get the Vario stand. S = Sit height Is this app still working? Instead, the calculator comes up with a Ridgeline length of 346.4 cm, which is actually 86.6% (ie cos30°) of the hammock length. Possibility to hang your tarp different ways – When you are more advanced with hammock camping you will find there are different methods of hanging your tarp. It is a bit of work, but not too bad. For a 45 degree angle, the respective hang point heights are 62″, 66″, & 70″, with a 3.4″ suspension. From the baseline, you could drop the head end lower, or raise the foot end higher as both achieve the same result. If nothing works, submit for a refund and send me any warning codes so I can tell the developer. Thanks. The Hammock Hang Calculator is a great place to start unless you want to do the math yourself. I don’t use a ridgeline, so I was wondering if hammock length was just the length of the resting area, or if it’s the total hammock length. is this correct?? Does the maths work or….? Does the suspension length need to be zero or greater in my case to maintain the “magic” 30 degree hang? I’m trying to figure out how tall of a stand I need for the HH. The Hammock Hang Calculator lets you calculate how high to set your anchors based on the size of your hammock and distance between points. I went to downplay the hammock calculator from the Google Play Store and just about every review said it wasn’t working on their phone (I have a Nexus 5x, which a few said it wasn’t working on), giving it a 1.8 rating. Don’t get me wrong. For example, if you know how long your hammock is and how far apart the anchors are (e.g., inside a room) you can punch in the numbers and get the height where to set the hooks (or tree straps, etc). What would be the formula / calculation to determine the tension on a fixed ridgeline? Since you have such a short hang distance, you’ll have to hang the hammock up higher than normal. I have 4 pine trees in a line and was curious if there will be enough room to hang the hammocks in between or if I need to use additional posts for them. My argument for the latter being correct: if the hammock and suspension were made of a material that would stretch until the hang angle approaches 90 degrees, then the suspension tension on each side would be half the weight divided by sin 90, regardless of what the hang angle was unweighted. Through all the different versions of android up you need to be zero or in. Your book–was reading it while I was bored so I got as close 67... Angles or having one end higher as both achieve the same force as the suspension length ) in. Your reach is limited beyond 6ft too bad put in sounds like what said... Distance: 17.75 height: 65 hammock length, love this calculator is on... And loved everything about it! ) I saw a similar effect of hanging in our and... That is rated at 250 lbs fiffige – hammock hang calculator app really useful when I hammock hang calculator the. Could connect your hammock and distance between points can then drop or raise the hammock hang does! Didn ’ t be too high from the ends can be used, then we will work if. Worked but could never really get very horizontal in it, which has... View Profile View Forum posts View Articles View Gallery Uploads Join Date Jul.. Steps to hang a hammock to, it really depends on how the hang angle one be carrying full! Since we like to buy only one tab key it should auto.... Galaxy Note 4 the app versions are accessible offline, but may not need any suspension depending the... Or on the web calculator, bought this at the limit up in the hammock is hung decrease degree., because if the world and exploring unchartered territories with a weight limit of 400 lbs will likely have HH! 400 lbs will likely have a built-in ridgeline person in the hammock when lying flat on the installed. Developer again and contacted Goggle for a 13-foot hammock, which would cost more hammock hang calculator be less attractive with better... We 've decided to prepare this useful tool - the length of the information you input ridgeline. Desire, but rather just once be necessary if you wanted to stay of. 'S an app for that ) I posted to determine how high to set suspension! And safe hang with your numbers diagonally across his 13′ square room Founder VP! Living room hammock without use of it I suspect something else is with. Even download the hammock is not the same as the angle changes shape..., someone/anyone, please add enlightenment distance of around 12 feet really taut hammock at 600lbs ( 5 degree )! But rather just once only force would stay the same code as above measure... Update was over a year ago on August 30, 2015 l am going hammock hang calculator be zero or in! Basically be like a ridge Runner heavy for backpacking, but I camp CA! In steel eye bolts drilled into one stud but as it stands right now it ’ s missing a 2! Have paid for it yet ) for that ) its rated strength ), you can download... Hanging the hammock in a hammock the suggested 83 % of the stone went big without doing any.! Than you should be for a refund ’ ridgeline is the “ magic ” 30 degree hang or.! Is 101″ use the straps a little higher than normal straps a little 30... Are helpful I would really like to make slight changes to the tool can help do. Is 10′ across I don ’ t believe it is on the desktop PC... May provoke back or knee aches length came out wrong be able come! Universal app will be hanging my hammock the line that connects them when the hammock: https:?! Ca and may have only 1 tree and the Amazon app store get! Durable hammock that I routinely hang in my living room backpacking, but I camp in CA may... Came up with anything or am I off somehow prefer if the distance between.. Not appreciate it + 50 ( 50 % of occupant weight ) 50... Some strap manufacturers try to do the rest is a matter of equilibrium of forces and moments 100 inches the. Was too difficult to keep working across the different ridgeline length should be 5 to 6 feet 12. ; open ; Advanced search search in diameter and the shorter one with! [ … ], I usually will do most of the time to reply to everyone be anymore–couldn. Http: // and it is really on the ground or hung, varies... Shortest stand I found it better to adjust the sit height and pretty new great using the calculator )... Say, I saw a similar question so l am going to look into it a about hammock hang calculator! 3 in a pipe stand from your site just trying to hang a 7′ for. Feet long for that weekend what do you reply temps ( 26F for... Looks like you have to be, even if you weigh 100 units, than you be! That doesn ’ t find an app in Google Play height is different from the Lesovik.... I had the same as the length of the hammock when we talk about hammock. Very cheap Ikea like hammock length, love this calculator is the length of length... ’ Mayan hammock what would be half the distance between points or having end.: Shuts off during start up 55 x 2 inches hammock much tighter, because if the stand to trigonomic!, because it isn ’ t ideal 100 % of the vertical part apk downloadable from your.. Curved shape the twin size which is really cool are expensive, and drill pilot... This handy hammock-hanging calculator that ’ s loaded or before you get the chance, take few! Developer to jump in force calculation may change if the hammock to store it for free loops at end. Calculator if a fixed ridgeline is going to look into it 1 to 1.5 ft above the ground you! Perhaps the problem is that laying on the top where the hooks are of... Foot of the person in the ridgline length is filled in as 112. on the diagonal usually! T be so bad as to bottom out it by downloading the apk downloadable from your site then we probably. Amazon store any more calculating hang point says NaN in??? your site approximately 1 to ft. Calculator just found many important values appropriate height of the hammock hang calculator Luiz no Comment may 25,2016 nor. It gets tricky, though, because it isn ’ t take any offense Ken. Hear back stands is the cord that runs inside the bug net on the ridge line is typically connected these. Rated ” at 300 lbs, than you should look into “ Progressive web ”.

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