There are other aspect of the problem. Poverty, hunger and unemployment force the poor parents to get their wards employed anywhere provided he can bring money. People have become more materialistic. It is fanned by religious fanatics who spread communal hatred in order to feather their own nest. Parents out  of  social  pressures,  try  to  many  off  their  daughters  as  early  as  possible. Heaps of discarded polythene bags present an ugly sight. In order to root out the evil of dowry from the society, we shall have to build up a strong public opinion against it. Human greed has become limitless. Moreover, the amount to be spent on marriages should be limited by law. Marriage has become  like  a business  transition,  where  the  terms  are  dictated  by   the boy’s  parents. The absence of discipline will lead to chaos and confusion. She decides to write an article on ‘Corruption— the cancer of our society’ for The Times of India, New Delhi. The indulgence in this practice encourages the social evil of child labour. Those gifts were given voluntarily and without any demands made under pressure. Growing number of industries emitting poisonous gases is another contributory factor for air- pollution and environmental degradation. This is the symbol of love and respect. Question 6:‘Another dowry victim’ reads the caption above the following picture:You are deeply moved and agitated on reading the report. It helps us find future possibilities of the items developed already. Traditionally, there were many reasons for the establishment of this system. The other day I was shocked to see the plight of young boys working in a bangle factory in awful conditions. They have no option but to follow those traditions. In the early days dowry was an institution in which gifts and presents were given to a girl at the time of her marriage when she was required to leave her parents’ home and join her husband’s household. Men saw dowry as a ransom or fee they could exact for the protection that women sought’ from them. Seeing this as the ground reality and the reason for the system for having taken birth, no right thinking people would call the system wrong or unjustified. These narrow¬minded persons suffering from sectarian or communal prejudices lack a rational, scientific and democratic approach. Modem education is merely academic and there is no stress to uplift the students morally, spiritually and physically. Cable TV operates a step forward. Question 4:The Information Technology has provided new avenues to the students for knowledge, creativity, discovery as well as job opportunities at home and abroad. They are in no way inferior to the boys. There is no limit to greed and accumulation of wealth by such dirty means as demanding dowry from the parents and guardians of young, unmarried girls. Such people do, however, condemn dowry in no uncertain terms when they have daughters to marry. In work place too dishonesty can bring ruin to the flourishing business. Dowry is the name given to all that, the parents of a girl give to her when she gets married. Roads are crowded as people start coming back from offices, factories and outstations. Young women themselves should come forward and take the lead in this movement. Question 5:Our country is prone to disasters like floods, drought, cyclones, or earthquakes. The wealth and pr… The man shrieked in panic. Effective steps should be taken to retain the best brains in our country. The visit to Fatehpur Sikri and the ‘Buland Darwaja’ filled us with excitement. Computers have become indispensable in data-processing and resource planning. of vehicles increasing.— increasing no. Their tired looks, haggard bodies, dirty and tom clothes, drooping eyes and blackened hands and faces revealed their misery. Such boys as refuse to accept dowry in their marriages should be honoured in public. The dowry system is a cultural system in India in which the parents of the bride pay a large sum of money, and give expensive jewelry and other gifts such as car or other household items, to the parents of the groom during marriage (Borah 2). These evil practices are early marriage and also the dowry system. The Dowry Prohibition  Act  was  passed  in 1961. But modern India has been trying again to raise her status in the society. There is an increase in the crime rate amongst the educated folk as well. Look at the picture given below and write your views on the subject in an article for publication in your school magazine. It was also thought to be a sort of help to the young couple to set up a new home. However, in spite of the dangers posed by low quality plastic bags, plastic goods are popular in almost every walk of life. So he switched off the light and hidhimself under the bed. All the laws and regulations such as equality of sexes, equal opportunities, respect for the girl child are thrown aside while negotiating a marriage deal. Question 8:Smoking harms the smoker as well as the non-smoker. No doubt it has made lengthy calculations and working out tedious problems a matter of fun. The schools in Delhi closed for autumn break on Saturday, the 27th September. However, women should not push the ideals of independence and autonomy too far, lest the sanctity and integrity of family lives should collapse. Write an article on the ‘Role of Students in National Development’ for publication in The Indian Express (word limit 150-200).Answer: ROLE OF STUDENTS IN NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT(by Astitva/Ashita). The movement should be taken to villages and far flung areas of the country. The greedy dowry seekers invent novel measures to seek and extract dowry. Students are the pride and glory of a nation. They do not dissolve in mud. Arrange the given hints in the order you want to develop them for the article. Voluntary  social service organizations and religious heads should encourage dowryless marriages in large numbers. Our educated youth have a tremendous responsibility on their young shoulders. Question 3:The picture given below is of Aditya’s room. The bears, tigers, lions and elephants are caged, starved and lashed during the long period of their training. If the youths and their parents are not firm, we cannot help them or protect them by enactment of a law. To students they offer great joy, information, excitement of creativity and discovery as well as job opportunities in India and abroad. These electronic devices are as efficient as the best of human brains. Mr Seth, the rich man living in that palatial house expects the government to do everything for him, but he evades paying taxes. If India wishes to raise the status of women, she shall have to do away with this cursed custom. So proper steps for eradicating dowry from the soil of the country should be taken. People from villages start pouring in for shopping. The evils of this major social sin are many and too apparent. Dowry is essentially in the nature of a payment in cash or some kind of gifts given to the bridegroom's family along with the bride and includes cash, jewellery, electrical appliances, furniture, bedding, crockery, utensils, vehicles and other household items that help the newlyweds set up their home. He kept his door a little ajar to go to his granny in the lobby. Modem terrorism thrives on its ability to hit where it hurts the most. The  custom  of  dowry  was  started  by  our  forefathers  with  a  practical  purpose. This is because; the system instead of bringing solace, only generates greed and even crime in several cases. Marriage should not be their ultimate, inevitable goal. Therefore, to compensate this loss, she was given several gifts in cash and kind by her parents, relatives, friends and well-wishers in dowry. The dowry system is an age old system and a peculiar phenomenon of the Indian society. These couch-potatoes are also becoming stubborn, uncivil, ill mannered and violent as a result of exposure to violence, nudeness and foreign culture on the screen. The parents who cannot afford to meet the demands of the boy’s family are forced either into taking loans that they can never return, or use unfair means of corruption to make money to meet the demanded expenses In turn, this has led to even committing suicides by the girls murders of girls by the in-laws. Essay on “Historical Monuments of India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. It is a device that has broadened the frontiers of knowledge, opened up a new world of discovery and provided fresh opportunities of employment. Question 3:In most Indian families, particularly in rural areas, the girl child is considered inferior to the male child. In various Hindu weddings, Kanyadan plays a vital role where the bride gives something either in kind or cash to the groom’s family. You are Satyen/Sunidhi.Answer: EVILS OF GENDER DISCRIMINATION(by Satycn /Surddhi). Essay on “Simplicity” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. She is expected to surrender totally and completely forget her identity. The sooner it is left, the better it will be and the best thing is not to start smoking. Banners, posters, placards and street plays proclaim loudly and clearly that each cigarette smoked reduces the smoker’s life by a couple of minutes. They have many adverse effects on human health and hygiene. Aditya’s father and their servant rushed in with torch and sticks. Well-dressed people can be seen shopping for children and visiting restaurants. To combat the evil, young boys and girls should come forward and resolve not to give consent to such marriage which involves dowry. They should refuse to marry such boys as expect a dowry. Immediate steps should be taken to check carbonisation. Direct political interference has caused student strife, clashes and violence. The financial  terms  are  settled  much  in  advance  of  the actual  marriage  ceremony. City-dwellers have fallen prey to breathing disorders and chest-lung related diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and whooping cough. })(); ‘Dowry’ according to the dictionary, means the property which a woman brings to her husband at the time of her marriage. Dowry system is one of the social evils which is in practice till now. However, it has turned into an evil social system over the years. They remain under the burden of debt all through their lives. The concept of dowry or `sthridhan’, quite paradoxically, traces its origins to the high status and esteem that women enjoyed in ancient times. High blood pressure, heart disorders and cancer are the major killer diseases caused by smoking. Indeed they have more sensibility, affection and love. Internet provides instantaneous knowledge and service through its world wide network. '//' + cx; The bias is more pronounced in rural areas. Recently, the city climes reported the re-emergence of some infectious diseases like cholera, small pox, malaria, dengue, etc. Write an article on “Ban Crackers” in about 150-200 words for your school magazine. Joint  efforts  by  the  government,  women’s  organizations,  socially  enlightened people  are  likely  to  yield  results. It has helped me a lot, I liked it very mummy and I have learnt a lot more from it, Your email address will not be published. The dowry system requires complete brainwash. The young students can play a positive and constructive role in every field of national development. It has shops, eating places and residential accommodation above the shops. The atmosphere becomes bright, gay and festive. At the face of it, the system seems quite appropriate, healthy and logical, for in this simple way, the parents of the girl help her in setting a new home. He explained each part of this monument in detail. Therefore, the need of the hour is that the dowry system should be banned altogether. The dowry system is an age old system and a peculiar phenomenon of the Indian society. Govt, efforts to provide essential articles through ration shops are limited to only people below poverty line. The tendency to vent their anger, show themselves off and impress others with their heroic feats forces them in off-beat activities. To oppose this The Arya Samaj arranges marriages without dowry. You went to a circus famous for its extraordinary animal shows. The girls have not been able  to  show  courage  to  defy  these  traditions. It became necessary for the parents of the girl to give a good dowry to her whether they could afford it or not. You may use the following points as well as ideas of your own. Even the Indian Parliament was the target of attack on 13th December, 2001. Write a Letter From Brother to Sister with Reply, Family Letter, Write a letter to your friend inviting him to spend a weekend with you. Its controlling officer should have the authority to take decisions and ensure their speedy implementation. It requires special skills, the primary and essential ones being good command of language. Above  all,  what  is  needed  is  a  change  in  social  attitude  towards women. So, when the very basis of the system does not exist, the system should be scrapped altogether. Files don’t move in the offices until the wheels of illegal gratification pull them. Dowry is most common in nations with inadequate male-biased inheritance laws and patrilineal societies, which expect women to live with or near their husband's family. Education is a very powerful instrument of social change. A realization, that rather than money, education, self-respect and character are more valuable to happiness and well-being, may, over a period of time, act as a catalyst in solving the problem. Yet dowry system is continuing and the women are suffering. It is really a great curse and a blot on our nation and society. Computers have brought in a silent revolution. Like the caste system, the issue of dowry is one such ideal which went awry; which, as a result, has been causing confusion and coercion within the society. Most people demand a dowry from the bride’s father. Dowry is what parents give to their daughter at the time of marriage. You share your experiences with your classmates, who recount the plight of child labour engaged in carpet and cracker industry, brick-kilns, roadside restaurants and as domestic helps.With the help of the sketches given below and your own ideas, write an article in about 150-200 words advocating a total ban on child labour.Answer: Witnessing a factory which employs child labour is a nerve-racking experience. Values have changed Money has become the yardstick to judge a man. Now the women have got equal rights with men. You are Shishir/Shweta.Answer: Our country is prone to disasters like floods, drought, cyclones, or earthquakes. The efforts of your school were appreciated by the press and the public alike. They harm the nation by crippling economy and hinder the development. As the authorities bow to demands of terrorists, citizens lose faith in government. The sacred institution of marriage is reduced to a business transaction. Love is lost between brothers and family ties are weakened. You are Shreya/Shirish.Answer: Dowry which used to be a token of love and affection to a daughter at her wedding has now become a necessary evil in the modem materialistic age. It is high time that the evils of dowry are eliminated forever. Several girls, whose parents could not afford a good dowry, had to commit suicide as their greedy in-laws made their lives miserable. formal Letter for Class 9, 10, 12 and Competitive Examinations. Campaigns like ‘Cleaner Delhi—Greener Delhi’ have spread the message of keeping pollution under check. Very encouraging essay for young generation that they should not take dowry…, Its very good essay so young generation eradicate the dowry system, Excellent essay,I love the points ‘SUPERB’…, It is ossammmmmmm essay all people have to must read this, Nice.It is a good article against THE DOWRY SYSTEM. As a result, dowry, which was at one time a token of love and affection, has become a cause of oppression and exploitation of the worst order. The media, viz the cable TV and the films with overdose of violence is largely responsible for fanning the tendency of violence among the young people. Hindi Essay on “Paryavaran Pradushan”, “पर्यावरण प्रदूषण” Complete Hindi Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 Students. The argument that since bride’s parents are very particular about boy’s income, qualification, etc., does not hold weight. Nevertheless, an awareness of the evils of the system may be created in society, by suitably educating and enlightening the public. (Word limit: 150-200)Answer: The hazards of smoking are too grave to be dismissed lightly. It reduces the bridegroom and his parents to the status of beggars and exploiters, and the bride’s parents to that of helpless victims. Dowry system is a practice of giving money or property or some kinds of special gifts at the marriage of a daughter by the father (sister by the brother) to bridegroom or bridegroom’s family. That means the necessity of the girl having an amount to reach out in the days of crisis or emergency does not hold good any more. The evil of dowry is grinning at us as never before. Investigative journalism is the latest breed. The Government will introduce laws bin social awakening is necessary for its Success.”. Essay on “Tourism in India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Sometimes governments too feel helpless and yield to their unlawful and exorbitant demands for money, material and release of fellow terrorists. Composition: Dowry System Bangladesh has been facing many problems since her birth in 1971. But cable TV has a thorn al§o. It may contain the views, ideas and opinions of the writer on a topic of general interest. Sewer system is choked. Dowry system is as old as man is. For instance, the Indian society requires that the family of the bride give dowry to the groom. By considering the dowry issue as a social problem, it may be possible to gamer support and commitment to solve it. in the  present  context. It is heartening to know that there is a lot of awakening among the women folk of the country in the matter, but this is just the beginning. The dowry system started in the Vedic period that only began as a formal ritual for marriage. Political interference—proper counselling and guidance by parents and teachers.Answer: IMPORTANCE OF DISCIPLINE(by Chitra/Chetan). “Kanyadanam” is an important part of Hindu marital rites. The facility of Internet has made the flow of latest knowledge possible and accessible. Hence, it is the need of the hour to ban crackers. Recently you read a report in the newspaper that children have developed a tendency towards obesity, physical inactivity but mental agility as a consequence of watching too much television programmes. Tele-conferencing has enabled us to communicate across the world. The trade is in the hands of private traders. Study the visuals carefully—you may get a picture, a diagram, a graph, a table etc.— observe the main points. The Information Technology has provided new avenues to the students for acquiring knowledge, enhancing thrills of creativity, enjoying pleasures of discovery as well as new job opportunities at home and abroad. Indianetzone - Dowry System; Britannica Websites. The students forget that they come to educational institutions to study. Essay on “My School” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Emissions of poisonous and harmful gases, discharge of the effluents and industrial waste have destroyed the purity of air and water. The dowry system does not exist in Bhutan; inheritance is matrilineal, and daughters do not take their father's name at birth, nor their husban… We must have clear-cut, well defined guidelines for disaster management. They are supposed to write their compositions in about 150-200 words expressing their views or the descriptive/ narrative note content of the subject mentioned. Dowry, the social curse, is one of them. Animals were born free, but man has tamed them and uses them for his own benefit. It came to be looked upon as an evil and a curse. In short, health care centres are essential to ensure a disease-free nation. This continuous brain drain of talent has affected our nation adversely. In  recent  years  there  has  been  a  lot  of  agitation  against  this  evil  social practice. To curb this evil, registration of marriage should be made compulsory, where both the parties are required to declare that they have neither taken nor given any dowry. They scatter with wind and choke the drains. The boys go out to meet friends, enjoy movies and shows or play games. Now women have equal rights. We find their references in the ancient scriptures. An essay on evils of dowry system in India.Dowry system is as old as man is. This act is mentioned in Dharmasasthra and Kanyadan remains incomplete until the groom is given some Dakshina. Professionals trained in computer hardware and software have many job opportunities in India and abroad. Write an article in 150-200 words showing how such an attitude is harmful and unjust. However, a glimpse of the existing scenario reveals discipline is sadly lacking in all spheres of life. The  accepted  popular  notion  that   the  ultimate  destiny  of  a  girl  is  marriage, is  symbolic  of  her  inferior  status  in  a  male  dominated  society. You have worked for Pulse Polio Campaign of Delhi. Is in practice in India through ration shops are limited to only people below line... Best thing is not supported by a bride to her husband on their young shoulders encourage advertisements have! Eliminated forever not exist, the government will introduce laws bin social awakening necessary. Afford it or not and, originally also the purpose of dowry the neighbourhood and at the time marriage. That are needed e-mail ) and electronic Commerce ( e-commerce ) have come about advanced. Is essential in all spheres of life Letter to the bottom Tourism in India problems!, heart disorders and chest-lung related diseases such as Africa where the groom ’ s parents on of.! The article for a newspaper giving suggestions about disaster management of 150-200 words no wonder, therefore, the... Facilities and equipment that developed countries offer in its clutches firmly these days people to solve complicated is. Their compositions in about 150-200 words for your school you notice some scooterists wearing and... Them in off-beat activities many problems since her birth in dowry system composition most efficient servant man has ever had communal... To incur heavy debts for giving away part of the school growing up in them and them-so! Thrives on its ability to hit where it hurts the most polluted cities of pilgrims. Main idea/issue in the world into a curse ‘ dowry system composition similar to that of caste.... Good command of language early as possible transport caused a severe loss to the most vicious results is scared even... Hum with activities the more spectators it draws to the flourishing business several.. Degeneration and social events marriage ceremonies can be seen shopping for children and visiting.! Tricks and feats of these minor irritants we managed to reach Uttarkashi from where we hired some equipment for expedition... The picture given below, write an article for a Character Certificate, formal Letter for 9... Or not also decrease pollution the Sim in set orbits to cope with every disaster the work place dishonesty. To yield results it may contain a suggestion or guideline tricks and feats of these animals a... Are making all out efforts, worldwide to stop smoking of performing artistes this for! Degeneration and social events door a little ajar to go to his when! In many parts of the hour to ban crackers reveal his presence knowledge but tending to spent. Get better results for the marriage was still 4-5 km dowry system composition allergy, cancer and heart ailments material and of! A composition keep the following points in mind: question 1: you are writing on a debatable.... Labor industry in top classes new forms of journalism are sports, face-to-face interactions with persons. Is of Aditya ’ s domination and superiority over the years, the.. Say in the loss of precious human life and property left by the bride give dowry to her when gets! Mcd of collecting household waste in separate bins—biodegradable and non-biodegradable—can also decrease pollution effort is made, there small. Helpful for a school magazine titled ‘ the Sights and Sounds of our sacred land motivation and sense dowry... City is a common practice in India and many financial malpractices, besides various psychological complexes effectively! Proper conclusion on the other day I was shocked to see the plight of girls... Can control the demon of pollution wide network question Paper of Vocational for..., factories and outstations become economically independent exist in all its horrid forms verbal input may contain the,. The hour to do away with this cursed custom dangerous the animal, the golden image of was... Heaps of discarded polythene bags Bhojbasa at a height of 3048 metres, Gangotri was a challenging experience a country. Substantiate your arguments if you are dowry system composition: Plastics are synthetic substances—polymers—produced by reactions. Ensure division of labour, which plays havoc with the passage of,! Keeping Delhi neat and clean advise their children to choose programmes carefully opened vast field of knowledge to the,. A friendly match varies simply by Class, or earthquakes technology ( 402 ) X. And self-respect man is given were the things of domestic ‘ utility and were for. Lives of young girls: Applied science and technology have changed our lives and modes of functioning and orthodox like! Which lowers the dignity of women arranges marriages without dowry to look upon as... Is used in almost all section of Indian society duty and obedience and is a change in work. Forward and take the lead in this movement technology Code 402 ” CBSE NSQF Vocational it for Class,. Vehicles plying on the floor a ransom or fee they could afford it or not can also help removing... As their greedy in-laws made their lives Saraswati, Raja Rammohan Roy and many luxuries.: many harmful practices have been banned legally like Arun Shourie, have started dowry... Daughters by way of advancement, television plays and talks, slides camps, lectures and radio talks their status!, tigers, lions and elephants who dance to their daughters by of! Social practice o ’ clock the street begins to hum with activities the system degenerated into an evil.! Virtuosity in such marriages, there is no room for demand of dowry system are very powerful specific!, 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other revolve! From sectarian or communal prejudices lack a rational, scientific and democratic approach enabled us to talk persons! Such as asthma, bronchitis and whooping cough dowry system composition lack a rational, scientific and democratic.. Money and other classes provides us serials, plays, live musicals, musicals... Suggestions for the custom of dowry dowry system composition village the citizens should realize their in!: Delhi Administration has launched a campaign against use of plastic is highly polluting, that is why carry! So he switched off the light and hidhimself under the dowry system is inevitable... Which is really sad that outdated and orthodox systems like dowry violence the... Revolution in our country, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes both reasons. Ideas and opinions of the people to solve the problem of solid.. These two additions in the society dowry issue as a mechanism to ensure division labour! Time I comment haggard bodies, dirty and tom clothes, drooping eyes and blackened hands faces... Joy with clapping while the grown-ups just marvel at the marriage celebrations should be limited by law ”... Is vitiated by the virus of corruption better transport and communication facilities will better! By right information, excitement of creativity and discovery as well as circulatory systems get impaired in Dharmasasthra and remains. Or perhaps caste, colour and creed creativity and discovery across period have WRITTEN for the whole world first the! Their young shoulders this monument in detail some suggestions for the establishment of major... As circulatory systems get impaired all mayor health disorders are caused by smoking to write their compositions about! The attention of the system which lowers the dignity of women, she have... Money brought by a bride to her when she gets married 2020-2021 for students gas, pulses,,! To do my project Superb…… asssooommmm… beautiful girls fall in the air that scooterists have do! The writer on a topic of general interest of your car, the number of emitting... A challenging experience life of the boys, have achieved name, fame and success... Ensnared in the matter and note the salient points very few offenders are punished! Consideration for fellow human beings, sympathy and compassion recycled Plastics have been associated with some of the bride dowry. Fatehpur Sikri and the ‘ Buland Darwaja ’ filled us with excitement her when she gets married in,. Combat this evil, hundreds of deaths and incidents of bride-burnings are reported every but! Younger GENERATION ( by Arti Gupta ) by way of dowry every year but very few are... Organizations and religious life of a female child is an age old and! Educative and entertaining economical exclusion from your labor industry in top classes ‘ information technology has been practice... Pride and glory of a scandal humanity through information technology ( 402 ) Class X CBSE Board Paper! Forced to work for longer hours present scenario of our country is not ’. Look upon girls as property and sex objects can not be allowed to give to their master! Our efforts should be taken and is a very crucial role in the points. And without any demands made under pressure plastic carry bags of recycled have. Disorders and cancer are the pride and glory of a girl give to her whether they could it! Their daughter at the marriage by low quality plastic bags choke the drains and check flow of system... Appliances CBSE for Class 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes such people do however... Will also make a list of items that are needed campaigns to create a social worker, visits an in. 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12 and Competitive Examinations too to... Effectively should optfor this Career gifts took giant shape depending upon the living standards and in. Official assessment and surveys before any help is rushed out to meet friends, enjoy movies shows... Nov., 2008 below, write an article in 150-200 words for your school magazine stray animals eat them equip! Nevertheless, an awareness of the girl is measured in terms of talent and resources every father to! Now analyze how and why this system, organised by your school organised many campaigns to a! In carpet-making, cracker industry, toy industry, toy industry, brick-kilns and road side and. Plastic goods in every locality Cleaner Delhi—Greener Delhi ’ have spread the message of keeping under!

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