Pastry chef jobs are filled (pun intended) with challenges, including high job demands, working non-traditional … Advantages and Disadvantages of Work Environment. The advantages of being a chef, that is one who has graduated from an accredited school, is to be able to expand your horizons to create a portfolio that can take you practically anywhere. It isn't ideal for everyone, yet it is suitable for many. There are many advantages of working in the hospitality industry, which covers restaurants, hotels, travel, airlines, cruises and related … If you like traveling and the prospect of being able to go to other countries to share your talents, a career as a chef … There's the actual disadvantages and benefits of starting a personal chef career. Being a chef can make it difficult to enjoy a normal life outside of the kitchen. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE. Then they start feeling the years on the line and want to … As a professional, he is more commonly referred to as a chef or head cook. To survive in this industry, you must want to be a chef more than anything in the world. If you are thinking about starting a career in the hospitality industry, congratulations! Being a chef is an art form as well as a science. As a chef, you have control of the menu (and perhaps even the wine list), and you can deliver your brand of … This means no dinner at home with your wife and kids, no soccer games, and no breakfasts together before school. Being a pastry chef for a restaurant isn’t all whipped cream, frosting, sugar and spice, it’s a tough job believe it or not. In most establishments dinner is the main meal of the day, and your service might end at any time from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Some chain restaurants may even send you around to open new restaurants and train new employees. Chefs have to be artistic and create every meal like it is a masterpiece. Advantages and Disadvantages. Availability of food and supplies could be a disadvantage, as well as access to fresh / non-expired foods as well. Being a chef gives you the freedom to take your skills just about anywhere you think you’d like to be. Hence think cautiously about the factors already mentioned This review should really assist you to be prepared in making the right choice. Acting as support to the head, or executive chef, the sous chef must learn all of the kitchen operations. 1772 Words 8 Pages. Below are 15 points Chef Paul Sorgule feels represent the yin and yang of kitchen work, “the good the bad and the ugly” of being a chef, as he puts it, essentially a list of interrelated pros and cons for any chef or prospective chef to consider when assessing his or her career choices.. 1. (Disadvantage) Advantage - variety and different foods. After all, when a meal is served, the first thing a customer is judging it on is the presentation. If I was to head up being a Chef in those areas I would concentrate my study into the types of foods they eat and learn how to make them. Then the science side comes from understanding the chemistry of the different ingredients and what works best to … A culinary artist is someone educated in the preparation of food for restaurants. 1 Is There Life After Being A Chef? The best, … Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Pastry Chef. Show More. She may handle customer complaints, discipline kitchen staff, direct kitchen staff, teach … In this post, we have highlighted the Pros & Cons of working in the hospitality industry. Advantages and Disadvanages of Being a Culinary Artist. Often, people get sucked into it in their teens or twenties. "Being a butcher has a very steep learning curve," says David Zarling, a veteran butcher at Rain Shadow Meats LLC in Seattle. A sous chef typically works in clean, luxurious environments.

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