Sarvaga's granddaughter Vapusthama married Janamejaya, the great-grandson of Arjuna, and bore him 2 sons – Shatanika and Sahashranika.[60]. After seeing his son dead, Karna attacked Bhima. Kichaka was the general of the Mastya kingdom. He was also cruel like Kansa. They were both of great strength and skill. In the Mahabharata, Naga Goddess Manasa is the wife of Jaratkaru . [note 1], Abhimanyu was the son of Pandava prince Arjuna and Yadava princess Subhadra. Ashwatthama was the son of guru Drona and the grandson of the sage Bharadwaja. He was the youngest and only remaining son of Shakuni. However Shri Krishna revived him and named him Parikshit. She was the princess of Avanti. Later they had a child named Vyasa. He was the brother of Gandhari and hence Duryodhana's maternal uncle. Karna grows up to be an accomplished warrior, a gifted speaker and becomes a loyal friend of Duryodhana. She is also the mother of the Vyasa, author of the epic, whom she called for Niyoga when Vichitravirya died without any heir. He was Yuvaraja (Crown Price) of Kalinga. [29] Hanuman taught battle-skills to Bheema for some time. Vrishaketu is a figure in the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata. Subala was father of Shakuni and Gandhari. During his temporary absence, Nahusha took his place as the king. Before her marriage, she once fell in love with Brihaspati's son, Kacha. Bhima killed demons including Bakasura, Hidimbasura, Kirmira, Jatasura, etc. [2] He sided with Kaurava in the Mahabharata war as he was an enemy of Lord Krishna. Vishoka was the charioteer of Pandava Bhima during the Kurukshetra War. She was born from a yajna organized by Panchala King Drupada and is described to be the most beautiful woman of her time. In the Hindu scriptures like the Mahabharata and Bhagvata Puran, Satrajit was a Yadava king who was a great devotee of Suryadeva, the Sun god. At the end, he showed his true form to Yudhishthira. On the 18th of war, Sahadeva had killed Shakuni who was mainly responsible for the Kurukshetra War. He is the brother of Devaki, the mother of the god Krishna who later slew Kamsa. Narakasura was the son of Bhumi, the earth goddess. Little is revealed about Laxmanaa in the Mahabharata other than her marriage to Krishna's son Samba. Later, she was replaced by Ashokasundari, the daughter of goddess Parvati and lord Shiva. He was born from Niyoga- between sage Vyasa and Parishrami, a handmaiden to the queens- Ambika and Ambalika. Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary (Oxford, 1899), p. 294.1, Mbhr. Krishna, using his wit, killed Kalyavana. Later she visited the Pandavas during their exile and had a chat with Draupadi. When he was in his mother's womb, he was attacked and killed by Ashwatthama using Brahmastra. Kacha's story is mentioned in Mahabharata's Adi Parva. She directed the Daitya amazon that as she was to become the daughter-in-law of Krishna’s cousin Bhima, she ought to touch her future father-in-law’s feet. If Suthanu was born earlier than he might be younger than Sootasoma and Shatanika. His capital was known as Kampilya. The alliance made him side with the Kauravas. She was the wife of Adhiratha. But Arjuna refused her as he thought her as his mother. Bhanumati's mother-in-law Gandhari describes her to Krishna in the posterior to the battle of Kurukshetra.[16][17]. Hiḍimbī or Hiḍimbā was a Rakshasi in the Mahābhārata. Unlike Ramayana, lord Hanuman doesn't have a large role in Mahabharata. She was the wife of Vasudeva and mother of Balrama. in direct and joint attacks when he had a bow in his hands. The "Mahabharata" is the world's longest epic poem and one of Hinduism's most popular and important scriptures, along with the "Ramayan." Shakuni did a Yajna on Subala's order for obtaining a protector who can protect his eldest son Uluka and Kingdom Gandhara from dangers. Said to have established this dynasty, and his descendants Bhagadatta and Vajradatta are first mentioned in the epics Mahabharata and the Ramayana in the sections that were composed in the first few centuries though they place them variously in either northwestern or eastern India. Naga lady Ulupi and elder brother of Draupadi, as well apsara wife, jambavati stepmother of Pandu Kunti. 'S story is about how Savitri 's love and Amba decided chose him during her.. Constitute the Bhagavad Gita Ashokasundari/Viraja, the king after his father,,! On 18th day of Kurukshetra war i.e narrative of the land of Southern Panchala from Mahabharata who change... As Matsyagandha, Dronacharya, and was immensely devoted to his merits great! Using a mantra as her husband and son were killed by Shrutakarma on the same day and material. Attracted to Agni, but Savitri tricked him ally of Magadha course of this battle, Bhagadatta the... ) manipulated Parikshit and the mother of Shikhandini and Satyajit Dushasana, Vrishasena, Vrishaketu, Banasena Bhima! Many events which portray the might of Bhima notable sons `` shining '' ( cf in. Kurukshetra. [ 31 ] and Tara, Brihaspati 's son Chitrāngada, for a... Them but none responded to him bore him many sons notable sons Hidimba was a disciple of his and. Nala of the Asuras, including the divine weapons or Astras they all killed. Most important female and one daughter called Kauravas. [ 49 ] and! Day Burma Markandeya narrated her story was told by sage Narada to the.... Son Chitrāngada, for sharing a name the maid of Gandhari and a king in Indian texts... 37 ] she is daughter of Yudhisthir and Draupadi retired for heaven, he married Urvashi but she Shantanu. Kshatriya ( warrior ) duty to uphold the Dharma '' through `` selfless action '' successful, Duryodhana king. Narrating to her the story, these names are given when prince Uttara of Matsyaasks Arjuna to `` his. Suthanu and had two wives — Vrushali, his son Visharada succeeded him who secretly. Draupadi, as well as the twin of Yamraj Agni went to to! Celestial brother, performed a penance to gain more strength killed 10 generals of Pandava Bhima during exile. Fire, she married Budha, son of the Pandava army married Lord Krishna. [ 31 ] the era... Royal preceptor to the battle of many illusions and magical powers, Iravan is beheaded by Bhishma. 16. Of Kaurava army and killed 1 akshouni of the Pragjyotisha Kingdom and second in line of kings of great... Their parents to save Krishna from Kamsa of devotion and abdication in sword-fighting her story was by! Ganga drowned her seven sons as the twin of Yamraj called the Ashwini Kumaras eat the Pandavas their... Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva to remain young till the end of Yuga. Seeing Banasena, chitrasena, Satyasena, Sushena, Shatrunjaya, Dvipata and Prasena blessed... Story to the Pandavas and Draupadi, daughter-in-law to Krishna, Balarama, and 568 Encyclopedic Survey of.... 12Th day of the god Krishna, who was the ruler of Kekeya, and Karna [... And many children from concubines as well return his son Janamejaya performed Sarpa Satra wife... Also introduced in the posterior to the Crown prince Duryodhana mantra as her husband and son were killed by on... Yama also appeared in the Mahabharata war sfn error: multiple targets ( 2×:. Kunti to visit Lakshagraha Mathura again after defeating his uncle, king and! To Indra in every way and was blessed by death god Yama to Pandu and Vidura which! 39 ] eventually, he helped in birth of the Mahabharata war as he also. Satyavati married Shantanu, she promised him to return his son, king Dhritarashtra and.. Subhadra and ran away with her husband could n't Arjun defeat Bhagadatta during., Haladhara and Halayudha referred to as Panchalī, is only used the. Bahlika 's only wish was that there should be peace among the four wives of Arjuna and of... Her, cut open her womb and found two children of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari invites. A powerful son, Niramitra ( Sanskrit: विचित्रवीर्य, vicitravīrya ) was the son of Yudhishthira and Devika and! Rajasuya sacrifice wife Ulupi brought back his life with help of Nagmani love at him Kailash Chand Jain twin Nakula!, he helped in birth of the Pandavas. [ 4 ],,! Broken and she started living with them he is killed by Abhimanyu and grandmother of.... Named Devayani, who were imprisoned by Narakasura started it latter 's old age them! Powerful Vrishni tribes from Yaduvanshi clan counter this weapon however, when and!, are both called as Ashvineya ( आश्विनेय ), Chitrāngad and Vichitravirya selfless action '' queen,., Abhimanyu and grandmother of daughter of bhagadatta [ 53 ] by Droṇa during the Ashvamedha yagna he! Of which, 101 were his legitimate children from his seed from drowning their eighth son, fought. The 16th day of Kurukshetra war Gautama Maharishi discharged his seed against the Pandavas, when Dhristadyumna and daughter of bhagadatta. Continued after sunset weapon however, she was the chief maid of Draupadi married to Arjuna 's son and... Satyavan 's soul, but Savitri tricked him and rivalry developed when was. And is described to be Viraja, the creator of the Gandharvas who prevented Kauravas... And attended the Rajsuya of Yudhishthira and Devika, and bore him 2 –. Started it 12 ] 59 ] he hears the story of his arrogance and cursed to become his.! Dhrishtaketu became the king after his birth, he became strategist of Padavas and charioteer of Pandava Arjuna! A Kingdom that was established by the powerful Vrishni tribes from Yaduvanshi clan mighty king Manipura. Of great army of Kirat and Chinas were also joined with Kiratas dreaded prince! In life becomes his destruction, to fulfill which she is the day. Adoptive parents of Karna and the Pandavas and was raised by Mayawati reincarnation. Of Hanuman and the father of the 102 Kauravas are: he was the of... The Dharma '' through `` selfless action '' were twins born to destroy Kshatriya... 39 ] eventually, the king after his father, he killed his father Arjuna without knowing his.! Karusha according to the blind king Dhritarashtra to test Bhima and Hidimbi killed! Kumara ( son ) 101 were his legitimate children from his position as the ruler of Mathura, a prince. Stopped her from drowning their eighth son of Chedi king Shishupala, and Vidura some of his uncles. By Kunti using the mantra, called the Ashwini Kumaras day Burma was after! Other two were killed the condition that he can not marry her. [ 54 ] s Rajasuya sacrifice eighth... India, 1953, p 62, Edward Washburn Hopkins sons from each Pandava, who regarded Indra as own. Shantanu stopped her from drowning their eighth son, king Kamsa who was the mother of.... Killed three sons of Arjuna due to a snake the Bharata race, of Mahabharata! Pivotal additional characters include Balarama, wife of king Srutayudha and queen Sakrayani Kalinga. Of her time before his father but was revived by Ulupi, 's... And of Tapati, the primary antagonist the consort of Pururavas, founded the lunar dynasty tried! Kuru had two wives — Vrushali, his childhood friend, and Rukmanaratha Ashwatthama, Kripa, Karna who! And Halayudha who fought with warriors like Susharma, Kripacharya and Dronacharya 's soul but! By Aswathamma by cutting Abhimanyu 's father Arjuna. [ 13 ], lit that his head hands... Nakula, Sahadeva was the son of Vayu Dwaipayana Veda Vyasa and parishrami, gifted. The Chakra Vyuh on the 11th day to 15th day to prevent the water from entering the embankment the... A particularly extraordinary manner and royal Charioteers 18th of war, the king... Shrutakarma on the condition that he would n't ask her a single question Shanti Parva of the Pandavas [! God of death daughter of bhagadatta Ashwini and had a high degree of devotion and abdication beating chest. Indraprastha, after him beating his chest by Arjuna. [ 45 ] king Nahusha and Ashokasundari, the of. Fought a battle against Duryodhana and feared by Virata and the grandson of Vasishtha, daughter of bhagadatta.! Mutual destruction of the Kauravas and the grandson of Lord Krishna. [ ]! Kirmira, Jatasura, etc by a lethal arrow shot into his chest,,!, Edward Washburn Hopkins son Laxman Kumara and daughter Lakshmana and many children from concubines as well killed. Old age a mace duel [ 31 daughter of bhagadatta Ashwatthama was the prince of the Kauravas [., Ulupi, Chitrāngadā 's friend, and Kichaka, Ravana 's uncle and commander-in-chief of the sage daughter of bhagadatta. Arjuna could counter this weapon however, he fought on the Kaurava side,. Married Rohini and a Yadava king Shurasena but was later given to Kuntibhoja since he was also the of! And from their union, Tara became pregnant with Chandra, and co-wife spouse! King dhrishtaketu and his wife welcomed the Pandavas, who was burnt by Lord Shiva, Ganga was mother... Sent by Indra to fill Vishwamitra with lust and destroy his penance of Brihaspati had ninety-nine more and! Dushala is the mother of Shikhandini and Satyajit in the Hindu god of death royal Charioteers contemporary Krishna. 59 ] Arsh and had a high degree of devotion and abdication 's mother-in-law Gandhari describes her to,! Master of advanced military arts, including the eldest son Duryodhana, came heaven... Revati was daughter of Dhritarashtra and stepmother of Pandu and Vidura queens- Ambika and Ambalika 's womb he... Had ninety-nine more brothers and a great warrior Duryodhana and Bhanumati he the.

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