Part I Peter Sansom: From image to text: How to encourage pupils to think creatively Part II… Read more. Teaching food  vocabulary it is the right moment to introduce a crucial nutrition rule:  FIVE-A-DAY portions of fruit or vegetables. The aim of this lesson is to teach food items which are split according to the groups of food they belong to. Please note that this is the first version of the Guidelines: in fact, this guide will come in two versions and the second will be uploaded after the piloting. -- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. Both content and language are explored in a CLIL lesson. March 19, 2018 . If you get training to help you do it, it becomes easier still. This official stimulus could lead to the achievement of a more bilingual classroom with increased usage of English throughout the school day, especially through the use of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) strategies. - vocabulary: body parts, five human senses. Click here to read the lesson plan. GUIDELINES ON HOW TO USE CLIL IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS [eng]. of Pragmatics, University of Lodz (Poland), Agrupamento de Escolas Gardunha e Xisto, Fundão (Portugal), “Alexandru Davila” School, Pitesti (Romania), Guidelines on how to use CLIL in Primary Schools, Guidelines on how to develop CLIL materials and lesson plans in primary schools [eng], Questionnaire regarding the use of CLIL in primary schools. - vocabulary: fruit and vegetables, colours. The Teachers Guideon CLIL Methodology in Primary Schools(hereafter called the Guide) is a 2- volume practicalintroduction to CLIL for (Foreign Language and Content) teachers who know nothing or …,, FOOD GROUPS. Finally, language teachers know – to an extent – how to do these things. Try this idea. What about teaching names of spring flowers? ; History of Spain (es) by Romero y Crean (2009), REVISTA ICONO 14, 2009, Nº 14, pp. If you would like to share a lesson plan, send an email to and we will add it here. Strategic Partnerships (Key Action 2) ˜ - Project number: 2015-1-IT02-KA201-015017. Use these CLIL activities to start a lesson in a effectively. As you open your lesson you want to motivate students to start talking in the target language. Cambridge ESOL CLIL: A lesson framework AECLIL ; Materials for higher education. CLIL entails a new educational approach based on the integrated learning of foreign language and content. The foreign language is acquired through subject-related contents provided in such a way to encourage learning. The C4C – CLIL for Children aims to support primary school teachers and develop a full teacher training programme, including a package of 15 complete lesson plans. CLIL entails a new educational approach based on the integrated learning of foreign language and content. CLIL Teacher Resources: This resource is specifically for Spanish and English teachers (it was designed for teachers in bilingual schools), covering a wide range of subjects from history to physical education to technology. In many ways, then, a CLIL lesson is similar to an ELT integrated skills lesson, except that it includes exploration of language, is delivered by a teacher versed in CLIL methodology and is based on material directly related to a content-based subject. In this way even Primary School teachers could use CLIL methodology to involve more their pupils in their every-day lessons. Making a minibook is an interesting way to teach five basic human senses. To do that you need  realia or nice pictures, coloured sheets of paper, crayons and clips. CLIL Lessons. We offer dynamic courses for teachers of foreign languages seeking to improve their proficiency in a foreign language, or learn innovative methods for teaching in a foreign language, such as Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).. hour a week compulsory “English lesson” in Italian primary schools, the new Italian National Curriculum Guidelines encourage multilingual education. usually used in the school/classroom, and the language being targeted in the CLIL Lesson. For this reason, as Mehisto et al. Palaeolithic art Plenary Assessing learning History and academic texts 24 References. Menú. Sociology of Education (en) by López (2011), 1st year, Pre-school and Primary Education. CLIL lesson plans in their schools, in 2017, and then decide on further implement ation of . CLIL Lesson Plan Template for TEYL Date: 11.05.2015 School: Primary School no. The CLIL Guidebook describes CLIL practice, advantages and basic theory and has case examples on how to implement CLIL in primary schools and vocational colleges. In the last 10 years, Europe has broken down its borders and has added many more Organizzazioni Speciali, Florence (Italy), The Castelo Branco Polytechnic Institute (IPCB), Castelo Branco (Portugal), Faculty of Education Sciences (FSEd), University of Pitesti (Romania), Faculty of Philology, Depart. 1 | 5 School Kindergarten X Primary Secondary Target Group Age of the pupils 7/8 years old Subject SCIENCE Topic SEASONS and WEATHER Key Competences Social and Civic Competence Download here the “Guidelines on how to use CLIL in Primary Schools”. It can serve as a checklist, ensuring that your lesson plan meets all the criteria for a quality CLIL lesson. CLIL Activities. Direzione Didattica Aldo Moro, Terni (Italy), Giunti O.S. Appropriate task types 15 Applying CLIL to a history lesson The Palaeolithic Age How did people live in the Palaeolithic Age? 6 diciembre, 2014 | gonzlezana8. You’ll find ideas for and links to group games, classic games such as bingo, worksheet game boards and much more to adapt to your class. In questa sezione trovi le lezioni di CLIL di Network che si trovano su My Digital Book 2.0.. Network 1 CLIL Lessons (PDF) The book is suitable for accompanying the CLIL teacher cou… CLIL LESSON PLANS. In order to achieve successful CLIL results in primary classrooms, new methodological approaches and strategies are needed. Inicio; Acerca de; PLANTS CLIL LESSON PLAN. The same for middle school teachers and students. Materials for secondary school. 5 1 customer reviews. CLIL Lesson Planning in Primary Education: a case study. Lesson planning in CLIL programmes requires teachers to anticipate language problems and help learners solve them as they proceed through the lesson. Watch a Tigtag CLIL film. to introduce a first foreign language in the first year of primary school, and a second foreign language in the fifth. FLAME supported teachers to combine subject topics with language lessons: essentially the teaching of an academic subject in a language that is not English. The foreign language is acquired through subject-related contents provided in such a way to encourage learning. Spring is in full  bloom. “THE ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO” - CLIL LESSON PLAN Teacher: ROBERTA GRASSO School and Country: Istituto Comprensivo L. PIRANDELLO – Pesaro - ITALY Pag. Can you think of anything that has no taste, color or smell, comes in the form of a liquid, solid and gas, and is necessary for the survival of people, plants and animals? LEVEL: Class 3 Primary TIMING: 3rd Term Nº OF SESSIONS: 10 Nº OF CHILDREN: 18 Since in my school we are implementing a bilingual program and I am in charge of it, apart from the 3 sessions of English established by LOMCE, I teach an Art session and a Science… Saltar al contenido. All of our lessons are designed around common themes from primary education syllabi and can be used to complement your school curriculum, giving students an opportunity to develop their English language and skills in motivating and enjoyable ways. A primary science CLIL / ESL lesson plan on magnetism. HEALTHY BREAKFAST . The template you create will depend on you and your teaching style, but it is a good idea to include a field for each of the following. 176-190, 1st year, Journalism. Preview. ... necessary to foster a well-defined training plan for CLIL teachers (Salaberri, 2010). 1 | 4 School Kindergarten X Primary Secondary Target Group Age of the pupils 8/9 years old Subject LITERATURE Topic THE ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO Fairy tale Key Competences X Social and Civic Competence X Cultural Awareness X … The CLIL Guidebook is a handbook for subject and language teachers, especially those who are new to CLIL and who need some inspirational materials with ideas and advice on best ways to prepare colleagues, pupils/students, and parents/employers for the implementation. ALL were at the forefront of the development of CLIL launching the Future for Language as a Medium of Education (FLAME) initiative in 2013 to support CLIL and bilingual learning. “SEASONS and WEATHER” - CLIL LESSON PLAN Teacher: ROBERTA GRASSO School and Country: Istituto Comprensivo L. PIRANDELLO – Pesaro - ITALY Pag. How can teachers plan for CLIL? You guessed it—water! No Comments. Author : Created by CamEnglish. Find out why schools love Tigtag . Click on the links to the left to view two sets of resources in our shop. to use the CLIL methodology in the last level of Preschool (P5). In this section you will find lesson plans for Primary and Secondary. What helps learners learn? These ideas will be published online over time and can be found on this page. The aim of this activity is to teach students that breakfast is the most important meal during a day. 109 in Warsaw Teacher: Magdalena Szwec Subject: English Lesson title Animal habitats Class length 45 minutes Class/ student information Grade 1, English 3 times a week 12 students (one half of the class) Overall instructional aims Students will understand the concept of animal habitats. Water and water cycle for clil lessons at primary schools 1. CLIL is a valued-added, as opposed to subtractive, approach that seeks to enrich the learning environment. ; UVic materials How to use Tigtag CLIL. Special attention is paid to the learning skills, as they are pivotal for an efficient linguistic and communicative learning. Age: 8-12. Once you accept that you have to do it, it becomes easier. iloveteachingclil. Primary science and geography resources in simplified English. Hundreds of lesson plans, activities, games and films for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Material processes. Teaching History through English – a CLIL approach 2 What is CLIL? This craft activity  encourage young students to read and give an oportunity to use their  creativity. Here you can find a wide range of full lesson plans to use in your primary classroom. In CLIL Magazine issue 10 several CLIL experts shared their best ideas on the use of CLIL in lesson. Created: Oct 17, 2017 | Updated: Feb 22, 2018. - names of spring flowers, petals, leaves. The goal of the lesson is to teach children that they should eat fruit and vegetables in five different colours every day. To use this website you must enable JavaScript. Language focus: - food groups: fish and meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, grain products, - any food items . Published articles. It was also decided that one of these two languages should be English, but without it being necessarily the first one. These lesson plans can be used in conjunction with other areas of the primary school curriculum including maths, literacy, science, drama, dance, PE, art and expressive arts. 2oı32oıı CLIL: LEARNING LANGUAGES THROUGH SCIENCE AND ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION 2. These plans are the voluntary contributions of teachers. Patrick de Boer . (2008) stated, the CLIL approach is strictly linked to good practice in education: CLIL cannot be separated from standard good practice in education. LESSON PLANS. The CLIL methodology implies that teachers take into account both the objectives of the subject along with the command of the language to be developed.” When learning, the book is a supporting material because it does contain the content children should work on but complementary materials can also be included and required: Technology (image projections, charts). Special attention is paid to the learning skills, as they are pivotal for an efficient linguistic and communicative learning. 3 free ICT tools for every CLIL lesson . Please make sure … A good lesson plan template will keep you focused on your goals.

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