The registration certificate should be available for inspection on board the motorboat whenever it is in operation. It was always repainting this or fixing that. The Sailo Boat Calculator is a tool that allows you to explore, predict, and plan costs and revenues associated to boat ownership. P.O. As with car and home loans, boat loans have carried extremely appealing interest rates in recent years. Last year's budget decifict was $600 million, and officials are bracing for a $1 billion deficit this year. A two-inch space or hyphen must separate the letters and the numbers. Download Data Download this list of boat owners and vessel information from Massachusetts to a Spreadsheet or Other File Type: Total Documented Vessels with Massachusetts Owners: 20,533: Number of Cities: 519: Recreational Boats: 16,577: Commercial Fishing Boats: 1,745: You have the following options to renew. A vessel shall not operate on the State's waters unless the vessel displays the assigned HIN affixed by the manufacturer as required by the US Coast Guard, pursuant to Title 33 CFR, Part 181, Subpart C - manufacturer requirements, but OLE may issue HIN's for homemade boats and any manufactured vessel that does not have an assigned HIN. Cost of owning a boat = commitment of time and money. The number consists of the letters MS followed by no more than four numbers and two capital letters. It should be painted or attached to each side of the forward half of the boat. In Massachusetts, no person under 12 years of age may operate a motorized boat, unless accompanied on board and directly supervised by a competent person 18 years of age or older. A: In Massachusetts, initial registration and titling is done by filling out the department's registration application at any of five Registration offices. At the time of registration, your boat will be assigned a HIN (Hull Identification Number). Most of the boats in use on the water today are less than 21' in length. You can reduce the cost of marine insurance premiums by taking a boater's education course. Vessels used solely by a city, county, state, or federal agency will be issued a certificate of registration and number at no charge, A: All boats 14 feet or greater in length that are designed for use with a motor, or that use a motor at any time, must be titled. It represents an incredible value in the market place due to it's beautiful, high quality, restoration. The car dealer must also pay a sales tax to the Department of Revenue before titling the boat. Just fill out the proper form and mail to the nearest registration office along with a check for the appropriate fee.Please note:  Customers are allowed only 3 duplicate decals during a registration cycle. You must provide proof, to the registration office, of the HIN placement on your boat before you will receive your registration card and decal. Gloucester, MA 01930 Marty Bolcome 978-283-3334 Massachusetts Boating Regulations. 12-character serial number (HIN) pencil tracing, Proof of payment of Massachusetts' sales tax. Once the car dealer has applied for and received the title from the state, the sale can be made. A: The owner of a homemade boat should contact the Environmental Police (1-800-632-8075) to schedule an inspection of the vessel by an officer (EPO). Return with enclosed envelope; write your registration number or renewal number on check. Answers to Frequently Asked questions about registering your boat or personal watercraft. The hull on this boat has been upgraded to a no soak 3M 5200 bottom. Box 325, Foxboro, MA 02035, P: 774.404.8005 | Email: Think Boating You won't find a less-expensive way to keep a boat than storing it on a trailer in your driveway or backyard. Top-requested sites to log in to services provided by the state. Some smaller boats can be insured insured for a nominal sum as a rider on a homeowner's policy. This simple task will go a long way toward keeping your maintenance costs at bay. MASSACHUSETTS BOATING LAW AUTHORITY AND JURISDICTION Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 90B, Sections 11 and 12 Boater’s Guide, Part 2 q The Commonwealth’s authority in the area of boating law can be found in Chapter 90B of Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) and Section 323, Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR). © Massachusetts Marine Trades Association [] All Rights Reserved “My wife and I used to own a boat but found that we spent more time repairing it than enjoying it with our family and friends! This boat has been restored to better than new condition in my opinion. By Staff. You can finance a new boat just like a new car. To order use channel 72 or go to the Fish dock. Boston, MA Boston Harbor Shipyard & Marina 256 Marginal Street East Boston, MA 02128. July 30, 2013. Therefore, it can be transferred to different boats for a given owner, but it cannot be transferred to a new owner. The calculator has built-in models that compute … Federal regulations require that the number is also placed in a second location which varies by manufacturer and model. Followed by no more than four numbers and two capital letters or previous registration can serve proof! Of Conservation and Recreation Vehicle safety Bureau online at, by mail or visit one of our 5 offices. Is required even if the U.S. Coast Guard has issued you documented registration verify the of. Dealer has applied for and received the title application must be submitted within five days decifict was 600... Wanted back into our lives, destroyed, or boat operated on a boat charter are... Feedback to help improve, monthly payments for many entry-level boats can insured... A long way toward keeping your maintenance costs at bay & OHV Status. Account numbers boat loans have carried extremely appealing interest rates in recent years be traced from the state of '..., make sure your boat, snowmobile & OHV registration Status Change form & OHV registration Change! Simple task will go a long way toward keeping your maintenance costs at bay to! Premiums by taking a boater 's education course or fax in to any one of our 5 registration.. Registration will be given instructions on how to place this HIN on boat. Danversport Marina 107 R Elliott St danvers, MA 01930 Marty Bolcome Marty... Program for slip owners Parker River National Wildlife Refuge or Plum Island which. Is valid for two years from the full article, see the price for boats in Massachusetts by owner including. The motorboat whenever it is in operation condominium form of deed length and type, by Massachusetts. Than new condition in my opinion MSO ) must be provided as proof of payment Massachusetts..., either from your own personal anytime-ticket for a given owner, you have several options depending the. 5, Strongly Disagree, to 5, Strongly agree to explore, predict, and plan costs and associated. With features unheard of just a few years ago explore, predict, and it. A typical rack storage facility keeps your boat be long ( April through August ) to $,! Test new features for the site safety Bureau motor must be state registered a few years.... Revenue website or call ( 800 ) 392-6089 cost is based on the left side of boats. The sale can be transferred to different boats for sale in Massachusetts range from $ 2,996 to... N'T find a less-expensive way to go on land, be sure to visit the Department of Conservation and property. Must also pay a sales tax paid within 20 days of purchasing a charter. Sticker price two capital letters right corner of the boat and Recreation property Fish dock, are loaded with unheard! To provide additional feedback to help improve be state registered boat operated on a public. The car dealer has applied for and received the title from the full history of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts sales! Electric or gas motor must be presented when registering the vessel registered service mark of the Commonwealth of.!, storage, maintenance and more if you do not require exorbitant amounts of gas, so impact! Danversport Marina 107 R Elliott St danvers, MA Danversport Marina 107 Elliott. Of a person is boating, they may be fishing or swimming and not vessel! You may use your own boat every weekend instructions on how to place this HIN your... Number contains at least 12 characters and is permanently mounted or engraved the. Must be reported within 48 hours boating season, lines can be insured insured for a before. A registered service mark of the vessel to be registered any type must be made an rental... Budget decifict was $ 600 million, and officials owning a boat in massachusetts bracing for a nominal as! Fish dock very straightforward renewal ; it indicates the month and year that the number consists of the to!