This is a clean, brilliant white. Conversely, Natural White is better for creating cosiness while keeping that clean, cohesive look. Looking at china white on the walls (neutral/cool white) and the natural white on the trims, even at full tint it still looks white enough compared to the walls. Dulux Natural White; Dulux Antique White USA; Dulux Whisper White; Dulux Hog Bristle Quarter; Dulux’s top four cool whites in Australia include:. However every home will differ. DULUX VIVID WHITE If you are looking for absolute pure white, then Dulux vivid white is the colour for you. Here in Sydney we tend to want warmer tones on the walls, colours that are easy on the eye and won’t appear too stark. ... Dulux vivid white “For me, I don’t like a white to throw too much yellow or too much blue – so Dulux Vivid WhiteTM is perfect as it sits in the middle. User #19176 9529 posts. I have seen the same white paint look blue in … “Natural White™ is a warm white and its versatility spans across new and old properties, contemporary homes, as well as traditional, says Sara Chamberlain of The Real Estate Stylist. Dulux Wash&Wear Low Sheen is the leader for washability performance. posted 2015-Nov-26, … Dulux Vivid White: The “purest” white in that it is neither warm nor cool. Dulux Vivid White We’d recommend Vivid White for really adding light to an ultra-modern space. It gives walls the ultimate protection to … Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: For timeless appeal, use Dulux Vivid White on the trims. Many used Natural White or Whisper White. It has a fresh, clean look suited to both open, modern living areas, but will also brighten up a smaller room with less light. Choosing a white paint colour. Dulux Vivid White - thats what I wanted, but not sure I got it to be honest. ... Dulux Vivid White. From what I can tell from my browser, the Dulux Natural White uses a colour code of #EEECE5 or R:238, G:236, B:229 and tends towards the slightly cream look. White on white and natural white or lexicon white ... Dulux powdercoat "Pearl White"is identical to untinted Dulux "Vivid White" wash and wear or weathershield. Find out why The Real Estate Stylist loves Dulux Natural White™ and learn how to use it in your home. Natural Calico - Dulux Natural Hessian - Dulux Almond White - Dulux Nutmeg White - Dulux Jasmine White - Dulux White Cotton - Dulux Milk White - Crown Snowdrop - Crown Clunch - F&B We have just painted our bathroom in White Mist (Dulux) which is the perfect amount of 'off-whiteness' but it would be too cold of a colour for the rest of the house. Hello – I need to choose an interior white for an open plan kitchen and living space with blackbutt floors – we were going to use Dulux Vivid White for ceilings and kitchen cabinets but there is not an abundance of natural light in the space so we were thinking of Dulux Natural White for the walls – is it a cool or warm white? Once you venture out into off-white and cream territory, a whole new set of opportunities arises. It forms a velvety finish that is hard-wearing and easy to keep clean. And as an FYI, yes, vivid white is an untinted Dulux colour, and is used as a base. One of the best whites around, with a cult following in the white world. (ie untinted white) "Lexicon quarter strength" is tinted from same with black tint,making it a pale real mystery. Dulux’s most popular warm whites in Australia include:. We have option for third coat for $2500. Thanks so much. Look closely at a wall painted in a cool white and a wall painted in a warm white and you’ll notice a lot of differences. It’s as white as the manufacturers can make it. Big names such as Thomas Hamel, Iain Halliday, Poco Design, Anna Spiro, Charlotte Coote, (Coote & Co) and Pamela Makin, (Les Interieurs) all swear by it. It is a slightly warm white that is a great go to as it suits traditional and modern homes. “It’s my favourite cool white. This white is pure white without any blues, blacks, yellows, umbers or brown tints added. When selling your home, they think Natural White is an obvious choice for the walls. Try samples of Dulux Vivid White, Dulux China White, which is a darker white with a greenish undertone that makes it really neutral, or Dulux Natural White. The walls and floors in this all-white Byron Bay home were painted in Dulux Vivid White. 2. Dulux Vivid White™ ... Sara Chamberlain: We love Dulux Natural White™ because it is the perfect warm white that works in so many different spaces. Whereas in Queensland, cooler colours are required, due to the tropical climate and stronger sun. Luminous, fresh, natural and light; our whites make up some of New Zealand's most popular colour choices. Dulux Antique White USA. Dulux natural white (or half/quarter) is my preference for a modern home. So want some opinions on natural white - much creamier than white on white - also we are at present having a "2 coat system", will this white give good coverage? As a colour it is loved by both home renovators and interior designers for its versatile nature, it will make any space seem brighter. VIVID WHITE. Am off to dulux tomorrow but thought would post here. Vivid White is very good on ceilings. Its versatility spans across new and old properties, contemporary homes as well as traditional. Loved by home renovators and interior designers alike, this versatile white … The interior we have done Dulux Snowy Mountains Half with Vivid White trim and I am thinking Whisper White with Vivid White windows and trim for outside. Dulux call theirs Vivid White. However you may want to re-consider the outside as the colours will be too similar there, particularly in good natural light. Unlike cool whites, which have blue or green undertones, warm whites are tinted with warm hues, such as red and yellow, making them perfect for adding warmth and light to dark or small spaces. If you have a home with greatly varying levels of light throughout consider Dulux “Natural white”. So I went to the paint shop and got more samples and this great little sample pot roller kit from Bunnings. To ensure your home doesn't look too stark use a white with a warmish undertone as this will soften the overall look. See how the right white can transform any space, to … They both have a warm base and there will be enough difference. A true bright white. Let’s start with Natural White as it is the lightest of the Dulux warm whites and is also their most popular. Any clue what is the difference between the two i.e. A bright, cool white. I went with Dulux paint, you can see their range of whites here, they have 144 different white … Pure white is often described as either the absence of colour (in paint), or all colours combined (in light), but when it comes to decorating, adding just a hint of another colour can suddenly make white … It looks super clean and it reflects a lot of light down into the room. (Dulux Ultra White & Dulux Light+Space Absolute White)? White is not only a blank canvas or a stand-alone entity, it is also a gracious backdrop and a natural companion for wood. It’s a bright, cool white. Some Hamptons palettes includes a soft grey, blue or green as the main colour and use a bright white such as Dulux Vivid White TM for all woodwork including windows, doors, ceiling, skirtings and architraves. Whirlpool Forums Addict ... Ended up whacking on first coat of Vivid White on top of Dulux Undercoat in living space and 1 of the rooms and actually looks great. Lucena-Orr says Dulux’s most popular choices are Dulux Antique White USA and Dulux Natural White. Dulux natural white “Natural WhiteTM is a warm white and its versatility spans across new and old properties, contemporary homes, as well as traditional. It adds a crisp finishing touch or accent. The Dulux Vivid White and Dulex Natural White follow closely behind as popular white paint colours. Also bearing in mind the lack of natural light, could you suggest a neutral colour for the sofa that will complement the bright white walls and light (maple) laminate flooring? Ceilings are nearly always painted in a Flat/Matt finish. Dulux Natural White. Dulux Favourite Whites. Lagoon Pints Now. It is great for brightening up darker areas where you need the light to really reflect. ... in a pure white. We have a lot of green and magenta glass in the old windows which make colour perception a little off depending on the time of day. We have big glass sliders across the back wall of the house we are leaving their natural colour and we plan to have a couple of brick pillars with natural timber posts on the front porch. Great for rooms and spaces that don’t have too much sunshine. Cecile. However, I was just talking to a paint shop retailer of a different brand who I have been getting some supplies off, and he said that the Dulux vivid white base is actually slightly yellower than their base (Luxury paints base), which is very white. Natural white, Whisper White, Lexicon Half, Linen White, Infinity White, Nearly White, Antique White, Sorta white but a bit greyish… Choosing a white paint for your home can be is the hardest design decision you will make. Certainly Dulux Vivid White and Natural White go well together for your interior. DULUX WHITE ON WHITE You pour the paint into the plastic packaging. White Meet Wood. User #14571 5132 posts. Where to use With a neutral undertone, Natural White can be used in both lighter and darker spaces, inside or out. Dulux Natural White This is a great, white white. The temperature of white Thought all whites were the same? Be as playful as you like - the result, after all, still qualifies as a white wall. Pure white has no additional tints mixed in. It looks great with contrasting trims in a light clean white such as Dulux Vivid White. White trim helps define a space. Natural White paint is the lightest of warm whites and also Dulux's most popular.